Praxis Works bottom bracket converter

Praxis Works BB converter for all press-fit bottom brackets available in three sizes

Now you might need to forgive us for getting all excited about what at first sight appears to be a rather odd-looking black tube, but do bear with us, we promise it’s worth your time.

As bottom brackets have converted from BSA threaded cups to one of a variety of press-fit versions, some manufacturers have been quick to jump on the bandwagon and have been excited about the additional stiffness, lower weight and simplicity (read lower frame construction costs), that come with the technology.

Some frame manufacturers have made the systems work well enough but others have problems with tolerances and in the bottom bracket that means creaking on every power stroke as the bottom bracket subtly shifts in the frame.

With all this in mind we were really excited to see the Praxis Works Converter. This super-smart piece of retrofit engineering is designed to fit some of the most common designs of press-fit BB and fits snugly into the bottom bracket so that the cups are securely fixed to eliminate creaking.

                    “Three options are available to convert your road frame”

Currently available for Shimano’s ubiquitous 24mm Hollowtech II cranks, three options via two alternatives each costing £59.99 are available to convert your road frame and stop the dreaded racket once and for all. So if you have a frame with BB30, PressFit 30 or a Specialized OSBB you’ll be able to get a kit and give up worrying about adaptors that move.

Campagnolo and SRAM users may have to wait a while but Praxis says it is working on a compatible version and it’s expected to land soon. Get your LBS on the case now!

Clever design

What makes this BB converter so clever is the fact that it doesn’t just clamp the shell from the outside but, thanks to the threaded collet, the middle expands slightly to grip the inside of the frame, where the bearings would normally sit, so it holds itself captive with an expansive force too.


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