Specialized launches crazy new Shiv for the triathlon world

New Specialized Shiv goes completely away from the world of time trials and the UCI to offer some from the future

Specialized Shiv
If TT racers want to go faster should we relax the rules?

Although triathlons isn't something we tend to look at race or tech wise here at Cycling Weekly, we couldn't ignore the latest tech advancement from bike brand Specialized which looks to take aero to the next level.

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Launched this week is the brand new Shiv which has been designed to be the fastest bike at the Kona Ironman race this year.

Specialized says on that Kona course the new Specialized Shiv is a whole 60 seconds quicker than the older version of the Shiv bike that followed the confines of what is legal in UCI races.

Specialized Shiv

Super fast design is over a minute quicker than the previous Shiv

However, with the International Triathlon Union less restrictive on what bikes look like companies like Specialized and Cervélo - that launched a pretty futuristic triathlon bike last year - can develop without restriction and this is what the American brand came up with.

Just look at those forks and how low that rear stay is!

Specialized Shiv

If TT racers want to go faster should we relax the rules?


The fin at the back of the bike is actually a bladder and can hold up to 1.5 litres of water. The hose to drink from is then fed through the frame and out through the front to minimal exposure outside the frame itself.

Specialized Shiv

No more ugly bags on top of the top tube

Down tube storage is now available within the frame limiting the needs for a bag to sit above the top tube, something that you'd never see a cyclist use, but we understand the need in a triathlon - just. You can fit up to 10 gels in here!


Travelling with a bike is a pain at the best of times let alone a time trial bike. Here Specialized has managed to give the new Shiv a "pack mode" where the tri bars can fold by only loosening five bolts. This means you don't need to remove handlebars, remove brake cables and should make for less stressful boxing and unboxing of your bike.

Specialized Shiv

Easy travel does make a lot of sense


Specialized says that this bike is backed by Retül data and offer four sizes to chose from. The front handlebars offer a number of different set-up changes and allows for fairly extensive alterations for you to find your optimum position.

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