Who are the commentators at the Tour de France 2018?

Long-time cycling commentators Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen have been absent since 2016 - who has taken over on ITV4?

The Tour de France pulls in millions of TV viewers every year – last year drawing over 7.3million with an average of 785,000 taking to their sofas per stage.

UK viewers can enjoy live broadcasts and highlights on ITV4, and much the same service on Eurosport. You can also try out fuboTV where there’s a free trial available.

Which channel you select probably comes down to your chosen TV package, but may also be influenced by your commentators of choice.

ITV4: Ned Boulting and David Millar

In 2016, ITV caused quite a stir when it replaced long term stalwarts of the Tour de France parade – Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen – with the dynamic duo of Ned Boulting and former pro David Millar.

The duo continued into 2017, and with Boulting already advertising his forthcoming ‘Tour de Ned‘ theatre production, which will bring to life antics from the commentary booth of the French race, it’s safe to say service will continue into 2018.

ITV’s production is usually presented by sports journalist and broadcaster Gary Imlach alongside former pro and three-time yellow jersey wearer Chris Boardman.

NBC: Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen

Longstanding fans of Liggett and Sherwin will be pleased to know that they can still tune into their favourites.

Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen

ITV4 used to buy in Liggett and Sherwen’s commentary from an internationally distributed audio feed – the same commentary is used by NBC in America and SBS in Australia, among others. And that’s where you could still hear the pair in 2017, with no change expected this year.

Eurosport: Carlton Kirby, Rob Hatch, Sean Kelly, Brian Smith

Eurosport routinely rolls out no less than four commentators: Carlton Kirby, Rob Hatch, Sean Kelly, Brian Smith – and with so many well loved phrases to cover off over a full three weeks that’s understandable.

The line up consists of journalists Carlton Kirby and Rob Hatch, five time Tour de France stage winner Sean Kelly plus Scottish former pro Brian Smith.

Retired Olympic triple jump champion Jonathan Edwards covers off duties as presenter.