Tweets of the week: Thibaut Pinot, Chris Froome, Tour de France 2020

Here it is, the first French Grand Tour-themed edition of the year, bon appétit!

It’s here, it’s actually here. The Tour de France. We made it, lads.

But should it be taking place as coronavirus cases skyrocket around France? I don’t know, I’m just here to bring you the tweets. Some, nice, innocent tweets that never hurt nobody. Allez!

1. This sort of thing is why some people are scared of dogs, isn’t it? Now I understand.

2. Forget Everesting, someone do this instead.

3. Riders often find other careers after their pro days are over. Safe to assume Matteo Trentin won’t be becoming a weatherman.

4. Just a man and his goats.

5. ‘What sort of pose are you going to do for the pregnancy announcement photo?’

‘Ah, I dunno, I’ll just come up with something on the spot’

6. Petition to see different things on the chalkboard during the Tour other than just the timings.

7. Peloton! Poursuivant! Le Maillot Jaune! Le weekend dernier je suis allé à la piscine avec mes amis. Je parle très bien français!

8. An early contender for joke of the Tour.

9. Which would be the more shocking comeback. King Kelly…

10. Or Bjarne

We’ll be back next week with more tweets from the 2020 Tour de France