'There was a timebomb in my head': One cyclist's amazing comeback from a debilitating stroke

One year on from a devastating brain haemorrhage, Steve Curran tells us about his determination to regain mobility and return to cycling

Steve Curran - My Fitness Challenge
(Image credit: Future)

It was the day after the winter solstice, 22 December, and it started like any other Tuesday for Steve Curran. “I woke up feeling 100% normal,” he casts his mind back to that morning last winter. “I did my normal little circuit of press-ups and sit-ups that I do every morning, played with my little boy for a while, then went for a shower.” As he stepped under the steaming spray, normality suddenly slipped away. 

“Instantly, like the flick of a switch, it felt like something popped in my head: instant headache and a feeling of pressure in my head.” Curran looked at his watch. “8:58. I turned the shower off. As I stepped out of the bath, my legs didn’t move quite right but I dismissed it as a slip on the wet surface.” As he dried himself, the strange sensations intensified and he knew he needed to lie down. “It’s only 13 steps from the bathroom to the bedroom, but with every one my legs were getting weaker,” he says. “I was like Bambi on Ice!” 

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David Bradford
Features editor

David Bradford is features editor of Cycling Weekly (print edition). He has been writing and editing professionally for more than 15 years, and has published work in national newspapers and magazines including the Independent, the Guardian, the Times, the Irish Times, Vice.com and Runner’s World. Alongside his love of cycling, David is a long-distance runner with a marathon PB of two hours 28 minutes. Having been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) in 2006, he also writes about sight loss and hosts the podcast Ways of Not Seeing.