Tweets of the week: Geraint Thomas is still the king of dad jokes

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Geraint Thomas with two instagram posts embedded on the image, one of him standing, and another of a mountain sunset with a joke written on it
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There are disputes in cycling about when the season really begins. Some say it starts Down Under, with the Australian WorldTour events. Others argue it’s Opening Weekend, and the first taste of Belgian cobbles at Omloop Het Nieuwsblad

For us at Cycling Weekly, though, the gun fires when Geraint Thomas makes his first dad joke. 

That moment came this week, when, on a training camp with Ineos Grenadiers, the Welshman marvelled at Tenerife’s Teide National Park. He posted a silhouetted mountain skyline to his Instagram, set to a backdrop of purple and yellow hues. 

No, he hasn't taken up photography. The picture was but an accompaniment to his first gag of the season. 

“Stayed up all night to see where the sun went,” Thomas wrote. “Then it dawned on me.”

Social media users worldwide lifted their palms to their faces. The Welshman, a Tour de France winner and father of one, had done it again.

The joke sets Thomas up for another year of cycling success and one-liners, and follows on from a season where he delivered some of his greatest hits. 

At last year’s Giro d’Italia, while he was leading the race, Thomas called out to his Twitter followers. “Do you want to hear a dad joke?” He asked. 

He then made his audience wait almost 24 hours, before returning to the mic. “Did you hear about the Italian chef with a terminal illness?” he wrote. “He pastaway. Cannoli do so much. Now he’s just a pizza history.” 

The tweet garnered 3,000 likes, and the respect of Hollywood actor Ben Stiller, a known super-fan of the Welshman, who replied: “Not afraid to do edgy material. All the more reason to be a fan.” 

The following month, Thomas’s gags continued, this time delivered to a team masseur. “I’ve got a great joke about construction,” he said during a leg rub-down, before delivering the kicker. “I’m still working on it.” 

Keep them coming, G. 

Also on social media this week, Tadej Pogačar goes riding with the UCI president, Alison Jackson cuts some shapes and Great Britain's cyclo-cross squad show off their winter fashion. 

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