Chris King's luxurious Espresso Tampers are back

High-end components aren't just for bikes; these weighty tampers have 'gained a reputation among professional baristas'

Chris King Espresso Tampers
(Image credit: Chris King)

Like so many cyclists, the staff at high-end component manufacturer Chris King Precision Components are big coffee aficionados. 

"It’s hard to put your finger on quite why riding bikes and drinking coffee are so closely related, but we have always loved both here at Chris King. Some of us might like drinking coffee even more than we like riding. One shot or two?” says King’s Chief Caffeine Officer Jay Sycip.

Chris King has been celebrating its love of coffee with several coffee-related, limited-edition passion projects like the Chris King espresso drinkware set and the Chris King Espresso Tamper. The latter, beloved among professional and at-home baristas alike, have been hard to come by, but fans can rejoice. Chris King today announced a fresh batch of the luxury tampers, which King says, a 'revered' for their comfort, balance and weight.

A new batch of tampers was put in production thanks to a slight post-pandemic lull in product and the team's "exploring their passion projects that reach beyond the component manufacturing world."

Chris King Espresso Tampers

(Image credit: Chris King)

“We had a run of un-anodized handles from the last time we offered tampers, and since we had a little capacity in production, we decided to make bases to match them," says Sycip.

The tamper design was finalized in consultation with the American Barista & Coffee School. Weighing around a pound (446g), the tamper features a stainless steel base, a slightly convex base shape and comes in the commercial standard size of 58mm. Like all Chris King components, the tampers will built to last a lifetime.

A limited amount of Chris King Espresso Tampers are available in a variety of anodized colors, $150 a pop, only at

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