Cycling Weekly's North American Editor, Anne-Marije Rook, started out as a newspaper reporter, working in a print newsroom where the coffee was always burnt and clocks running out of time. Originally from The Netherlands, she grew up as a bike commuter but didn't find bike racing until her early twenties. Strengthened by the many miles spent darting around the hilly city of Seattle on a steel single speed, Rook's progression in the sport was a quick one. As she competed at the elite level, her journalism career followed, and soon she became a full-time cycling journalist. These days she's less about competition and more about adventuring, yet there's hardly a day that goes by when she's not found pedaling. For Rook, a good week is when all the bikes in her stable get ridden, from her full-suspension trail bike down to her Brompton and some speedy road miles in between.

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