Flying Herring, Macaulay Culkin or The Sizzling Dane - Your suggestions for Jonas Vingegaard's nickname

We kicked off the search and Cycling Weekly readers stepped up

Jonas Vingegaard
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Well, it seems I hit a nerve. Earlier this week I wrote that calling Tour de France winner elect Jonas Vingegaard ‘Danish Dynamite’ was resorting to a lazy and unsatisfactory nickname. 

I had thought maybe I was alone in thinking this was rubbish but it seems I’m not . I asked you to email in and many of you did with an avalanche of suggestions for better (Ok, I’m not sure they’re all better) or weirder (some are definitely this) nicknames for Jumbo-Visma leader.

Here’s a selection of some of the best the Cycling Weekly inbox had to offer. We’re not going to choose a winner, the only winner here is cycling - and our ears if they don't have to hear Danish Dyanmite again.

Lars Redder Jakobsen

Pedalling Papa, because it's obvious that he loves his family. Also, he is humble and does not put on a show so perhaps, the silent climber.

Simon Silvester

Surely any good product from Denmark should be described as sizzling

Jonas Vingegaard Tour de France 2022

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Diego Leal

Regarding Jonas's nickname, the guys at ESPN Latin America have already been calling him MacAulay Culkin because he has the same white pale skin, same haircut and hair colour and same bitter-sour face.

Niels Christiansen

Couldn't agree more about the lameness of Danish Dynamite. Not only is that long since taken and worn out, but it has been my fantasy football moniker for years. Jonas deserves better.

Here are some thoughts and ideas and one serious bid for a possible name that might stick:

Vinge is Danish for wing

gaard means farm or yard

I don't really know what to do with farm or yard, but wing has a nice ring to it.

Also, Glyngøre, where Jonas used to work, is home of the most famous Danish herring, so there's that. So here goes:

The Flying Fish

The Flying Herring

Wing of the Mountains

Wing of Denmark

or, my favourite, simply: Wings

 Auntie Pinny 

English speakers should just give up and call him "Vingo." It's short, cute, and they can't get close to Danish pronunciation. He's made it a great Tour.

Carl Dyson

The Great Dane

Bart Veilbrief

Iceman suits his cool better. And isn’t that’s what he used to store the fish in

Jette Kristoffersen 

Totally agree Danish Dynamite says nothing at all about Jonas Vingegaard's qualities and personality. I suggests focusing on his down-to-earthness, stability, humility, endurance and strength. What is more appropriate than an immovable plant that stands firmly, for example lyme grass (which grows on most Danish beaches) horsetail or another strong weed that is difficult to exterminate.

Ole Schroder

Let's look at his surname: the first part 'Vinge' is actually the Danish word for wing (on a bird or an aeroplane). That's clearly the first step to something related to an eagle, a falcon or hawk.

Another angle is to write 'Vinde' instead of the correct spelling. That's the Danish word for winning, something we all hope will happen (well, at least all of us in Denmark, probably not very likely in Slovenia).

I suggest: 'Flying Jonas'.

Dean Foulds

Shark slayer Jonas

Flying fillet monger

Vanishing Vingegaard

Jumping Jonas

Choose whichever is your favourite but please don’t all him Danish Dynamite.

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