Rideable art: 10 standout handmade bikes from Enve’s Bike Builder Round-Up

Feast your eyes on these artisan bike builds

Handmade Bikes Collage
(Image credit: Enve Composites)

Enve Composites opened the doors of their HQ to the public last month for their fourth annual Builder Round-Up. 

The Round-Up showcased the stunning handmade creations of more than 20 bike builders for the enjoyment of some 500 attendees.

Race capable classic ti road and gravel bikes, flat bar urban cruisers, wide-tired all-terrain adventure rigs and mountain bikes: the show featured a little bit of everything, and all were of course specc’d with Enve wheels and cockpits.

We selected 10 standouts to share with you, so grab a cup of coffee and feast your eyes on these elusive beauties. 

Click on the lower right corner of the main photos to expand and navigate through the slideshow for each bike build. 

Breadwinner G-Road

Builder: Breadwinner
Portland, Oregon

One of the clear crowd favorites during the Builder Round-Up, Breadwinner’s G-Road was the perfect example of how custom can deliver an aesthetic that other bikes can’t come close to. The steel fork features internal routing for the dynamo hub that powers the headlight. Matching to a whole new level, note the paint-scheme matching frame bag and Ski strap + tool wrap combo. 

Enve’s own Custom Road Bike

Builder: ENVE
Location: Ogden, Utah
Material: Carbon Fiber

Made under the same roof as where the Builder Round-Up was being held, the Custom Road is ENVE’s definition of the modern road bike. The carbon bike features aero frame profiling and integration using their one-piece bar / stem. A Campy group along with the new SES 4.5 completed the build. 

Festka ONE

Builder: Festka
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Material: Carbon Fiber

Festka always brings a showstopper to the Builder Round-Up and this year's orange fade colorway is no different. The ONE showcases their carbon composite expertise paired with exquisite paint capabilities. 

This new generation of the Festka ONE carbon road bike features internal cable routing, which paired with the ENVE Integrated Front-End makes for some really clean lines. 


Builder: Isen Workshop
Location: London, United Kingdom
Material: Titanium 

The Isen’s stunning confetti finish stole the show. Going with a straight titanium frame rather than the blending of carbon and titanium found on the Isen R3, this build includes ENVE’s one-piece bar and stem that is an option as part of their Integrated Front-End design. 

Mosaic GT-1X

Builder: Mosaic
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Material: Titanium

Mosaic does gravel differently than most and the GT-1 X showcases that. The Boulder, Colorado based crew didn’t shy away from making it a monster gravel bike. Featuring Enve's AG25 wheels, Mosaic paired them with a 2.2 Donnelly mountain bike tire and opted for a flat bar for full effect. Also note the cute Dimension Woodpecker Bell. 

No22 Drifter

Builder: No. 22
Location: Johnstown, New York
Material: Titanium 

The Drifter is No.22's most versatile bike, and comes with the tagline: "Pavement optional. Adventure mandatory".

To that end, it features a tire clearance of up to 700 x 45mm or 650B x 50mm, disc brakes with standard thru-axles and any-road capable geometry.

On the No 22 website, this Made-to-Order bike already offer a dozen different paint schemes but for the bikeshow, No. 22 went all out. The show model received a unique paintj ob, an ENVE Integrated Front-End with AR Stem and AR Bar that routes the hydraulic brake hoses out of sight. 

Pursuit All Road

Builder: Pursuit Cycles
Location: Bozeman, Montana
Material: Carbon Fiber

If you're a fan of the EF Education Easy-Post's aestehtics at the current Tour de France, you'll surely love this bright and loud All-Road from Pursuit Cycles. 

Carl Strong and his Pursuit Cycles team set out to make the antithesis of a generic, assembly-line bike, includes the paint job.

The next stop after the Builder Round-Up for this Bozeman-made carbon frame is Tejay Van Garderen’s garage. 

Scarab Paramo Ultra

Builder: Scarab
Location: Medellin, Colombia
Material: Steel

Scarab’s Paramo Ultra showcase gravel bike invited people to come close and take a look around. The map-like paint scheme was inspired by Colombia's main river, the Magdalena, and the villages and landscapes It runs through.

The frame is made of Columbus/Reynolds tubing blend for durability, smoothness and maximum tire clearance. This frame can fit a monstrous 700 x 58 mm or 650Bx 66 mm tire. With this bike, the builders  want to encourage riders to push their limits and push far into the unknown. This adventure partner is meant to help explorers ride further, explore more places, carry more gear and be self-sufficient when they're out there.

Speedvagen Custom

Builder: Speedvagen
Location: Portland, Oregon
Material: Steel

It’s always a party at Speedvagen, and in the case of their Custom bike, it’s a pool party. With integrated front and rear lights and some G23 wheels wrapped in Rene Herse knobby rubber, this single-speed build is all you need for Portland living. It'll carry you through the city, help you tour the many craft breweries and even tackle some Forest Park off-road riding. 

Weis Hammer Gravel Ti

Builder: Weis
Location: New York City, New York
Material: Titanium 

Wait! Don't scroll past so quickly. It may look like a fairly classic brushed ti bike, but look closer. Yep. Asymmetric seatstays!

From track bikes to gravel grinders, Weis uses their asymmetrical Weistec for stiffness and responsiveness. 

There's also seamless tubing, 3D printed ti dropouts, internal cable routing, a CNC yoke to keep the rear end tight while making room for 700x45 and 650b x 2.1” tires. And just look at that beautiful integrated seatmast and pulley wheels.  

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