Assos Skinfoil Winter baselayer

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  • Warm, thin and quick to wick away moisture


  • Style and comfort comes at a price

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  • Of the three winter baselayers that Assos now offer, it’s the Winter or Bonka version that has most impressed.

    Why? It’s because it manages to be warm, thin and quick wicking.

    Plenty of baselayers manage two of these performance areas well but I’ve not yet met one that did all three to a level that’s close to the Skinfoil and it’s really the speed of the wicking that, to my mind at least, makes it so impressive.



    We all know that in winter we get super heated when climbing then freeze as we descend the other side of the peak again generally, we freeze because of the sweat we produced going up yet with the Bonka the level of residual moisture seems greatly reduced without harming the thermal capacity. Clever stuff.