GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Camera




  • Lighter and thinner than previous versions


  • Price

Price as reviewed:


A little like Garmin’s 800 series bike computer, there’s so much going on with the Hero3 that it takes a seriously dedicated person to get to the bottom of all the available options and probably a college course in cinematography to make the best use of it all.

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But, just like the Garmin, you can still get a lot out of it even if you don’t need all of the features.

Lighter and thinner than previous versions, it puts less strain on the mounts so moves less and if helmet mounted is less obtrusive.

With so many options it’d be easy to get lost but GoPro seem to have managed to nail the trick where you can make it work for you without getting lost in the sub menus, meaning it’s easy to cherry pick the functions you want to use.


And if you're wondering what the point is, then the looping video is the one for you as you can ride with the Hero3 on and should you have a close encounter you'll be able to stop the video and have the last minutes safely recorded without the need ?to keep deleting hours of footage - a feature almost all of us wish we had at one time or another.