Raleigh RX Comp cyclo cross bike review

Raleigh RX Comp cyclo cross bike will set you back £1,200

Cycling Weekly Verdict

I followed Dan on many of his testing excursions and found that the RX Comp performed remarkably similarly to the Cross Race. The Raleigh also has some racing potential. The gears are perfect for racing, as is the geometry, which has you sitting fairly low at the front end, making steering easy and agile. The flipside is that this geometry doesn’t exactly help to promote comfort on longer rides, as I found out on a three-day, off-road excursion. Talking of longer rides, Raleigh has made a token gesture towards practicality by offering rack mounts at the rear. You’ll need a disc-specific rack though, as those disc brakes sit in the way and make fitting a standard rack all but impossible. Lots of cross bike manufacturers claim their machines are do-it-all steeds ready for anything. And most of them are, as professed, jack-of-all-trades bikes — including the Raleigh. It shines particularly bright in a couple of areas. It’s no inter-continental tourer, and it’s not a comfortable all-day bike, either. It is, however, a very competent racer, and it’s forgiving ride feel and powerful brakes made light work of the adventure cross events I rode.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Good racer

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not a very comfortable option

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This must be the fourth or fifth Raleigh I’ve ridden over the last few years, most in tests for Cycling Active. As something of a self-professed expert in the recent history of Raleigh bikes, I have to say I like the way things are going. Last month, I was impressed with Raleigh’s all new Strada 6 hybrid, and now Raleigh is heading off-road.

For 2014, Raleigh has drawn up a to-do list, with a couple of major boxes to tick. First is to reintroduce a time trial bike to the range, something that it hasn’t had for a few years. The second is this, the RX range of cyclo-cross bikes, Raleigh’s first collection dedicated solely to cyclo-cross.

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