PowerBar Energize

We review the latest energy bar from Powerbar, a giant of the sports nutrition world



Price as reviewed:

£38 for Box of 25 bars

  • Taste & texture

    PowerBar’s extensive and flavoursome range of products always hit the mark in terms of nutrition and flavour but this Energize bar just loses a few points for its consistency.

    The four flavours — banana punch, berry, chocolate and cookies and cream — are nice enough, keeping you coming back for more, but it is very chewy and hard to break down, especiallly if you’ve got a dry mouth.

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    Containing 39 grams of carbohydrates and just two grams of fat, it hits the mark in terms of nutrition, with a blend of glucose and fructose carbohydrate sources that have been scientifically formulated for faster absorption.


    The bar does have a tendency to stick to the wrapper so we’d advise opening the packet along the seam before you head out for your ride.


    Calories: 199kcal
    Carbohydrate: 39g
    Fat: 2g
    Weight: 55g
    Manufacturer: www.powerbar.eu

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