Mornflake Go! high protein porridge

We've upped the protein content of breakfast with Mornflake's porridge pots with added protein.




  • Quick and convenient
  • Adds protein to your breakfast bowl
  • Vegetarian


  • A bit more expensive than products without extra protein
  • Chocolate variety is a little bland

Price as reviewed:

£2.39 for eight sachets

The Mornflake Go! high protein porridge is aimed at the physically active who want to get a protein boost with their breakfast porridge. It’s made of oat flakes supplemented with 12% soya protein. This ups its protein content to 21% from around 12% for standard porridge oats. So when made up with milk a serving gives you 14 grams of protein along with 26g of carbs – almost as much as many recovery bars and around 30% of the reference protein intake for an average adult. Being made with soya protein, Go! Is suitable for vegetarians too.

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The Mornflake Go! high protein porridge is available is available in two forms. First up you have single serving pots to which you just add boiling water. These cost £1.39 each. It’s also available as boxes of eight single serving sachets, priced at £2.39. You empty one of these into a bowl, add milk and microwave for two-and-a-half minutes or cook on the hob. I went for the latter as the microwave option tended to end up with the mixture boiling over and too hot to eat for some time after cooking.

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Mornflake Go! high protein porridge is available in plain or chocolate varieties. The former just contains oats and soya, whereas the latter adds sugar, cocoa powder, natural flavouring and salt. It’s not chocolaty enough to satisfy the chocoholic, but makes a change from the usual porridge.

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Pots just need boiling water added and to stand for three minutes

Pots just need boiling water added and to stand for three minutes

As with any instant porridge pot, you lose a bit of texture in order to get a product which cooks quickly, but the end result tastes nice enough. Mornflake also suggests using the sachets in a post-workout smoothie and there’s a recipe on the side of the boxes of sachets.

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You can buy Mornflake Go! high protein porridge singly or by the case from Mornflake and they are also available from some Sainsbury’s stores.

For more details visit the Mornflake website.


The Mornflake Go! high protein porridge is an easy way to up the protein content of your pre-ride breakfast or post-ride smoothie.


Weight: 88g per pot/38g per sachet