SiS Go Energy Pink Grapefruit Gel review

Not a fan of really sickly sweet energy gels, but like the taste of pink grapefruit? This may be the gel for you...

Cycling Weekly Verdict

If you like pink grapefruit and the idea of a gel that tastes less sickly, give these a try.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Convenient source of carbohydrate

  • +

    Less sickly than other gels

  • +

    Can be consumed without a drink

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Taste is not for everyone

  • -


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As a guideline, one should strive to consume ~60g of carbohydrates per hour to optimise cycling performance. Note that this kind of fuelling isn't necessary for any ride under 90 minutes, as you should have enough stored glycogen to suffice.

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One SiS Go Energy Gel contains 22g of carbohydrate. SiS recommends taking three an hour, but if you are not racing you may prefer to balance this with energy drinks and a bar. In addition, SiS Go Energy gels are patented as being the only truly isotonic gels on the market.

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SiS claim that this means the gels don’t need to be consumed with water, and provides a quicker supply of energy to the working muscles than a non isotonic gel. Whilst we cannot completely verify this, we can confirm that we didn't feel the need to wash these gels down with big slurps of drink and were comfortable consuming them in isolation

As with many sports nutrition products, buying in bulk can result in savings. A box of 30 will set you back £37.79 on the Science in Sport website. This works out at roughly £1.25 a gel, despite being expensive, is a competitive price within sports nutrition.

If you like Pink Grapefruit, try them. The flavour is distinct and the texture feels is less viscous than some other gels.  Whilst the flavour will not be to everybody's taste, these gels are a welcome addition to existing flavours and make a refreshing change from very sweet energy products.

If pink grapefruit is not to your taste SiS also do 6 other flavours, so for more information, head over to Science in Sport.

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