Altura Thermo Elite gloves

The Altura Thermo Elite gloves are a good option for cooler rides in gloomy conditions




  • Lightweight
  • Highly reflective
  • Windproof
  • Breathable


  • No extra padding over pressure points
  • Not quite warm enough for the coldest rides
  • Not as close a fit as some

Price as reviewed:


For reflectivity, the Altura Thermo Elite gloves stand out. Whereas most gloves offer strips of reflective material printed onto a neutral fabric, the entire back of the Altura Thermo Elite gloves is made of highly reflective material. Altura calls this fabric NV360.

The Altura Thermo Elite gloves are not heavy, but they offer good levels of wind protection so they work well in temperatures around 10°C. The fabric is also showerproof. They don’t quite have enough protection to keep your hands warm once the thermometer dips closer to zero, though.

Altura Thermo Elite

The palms of the Altura Thermo Elite gloves have silicone printing that makes them grippy, but they are not padded

The palms are made of a synthetic suede fabric. Again, it’s quite lightweight, but provides adequate levels of warmth for spring conditions. There are silicone strips across the palm and the two forefingers, providing plenty of grip on the bars and controls.

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You don’t get any extra padding in the palms to keep the hands more comfortable, although there is reinforcement between the thumb and forefinger which should aid durability.

The fabrics used to make the Altura Thermo Elite gloves are breathable, so you don’t get any sweat build up inside. But they’re not as stretchy as some other options, so your hands move around in them a bit more. I didn’t find this uncomfortable, but it might contribute to sore hands in some people.

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The cuff of the Altura Thermo Elite gloves is made of a more stretchy material. It’s long enough to cover the gap between the glove and the cuff of a jacket and stretchy enough to keep cold air out, so you don’t get any cold spots.


A good option if you cycle a lot at night, as hand signals will be outstandingly visible. But the Altura Elite Thermo gloves are not as warm as some and the quite loose fit and lack of padding may give you sore hands.


Weight: 64g (pair)