GOFLUO outerwear review: A must-have for the gloomy season or year-round city riding

GoFLUO makes seriously bright apparel with a modern and stylish twist; 'it's the kind of hi-vis you actually want to be wearing'

GoFluo's Polly and Travis reflective outer garments
(Image credit: Anne-Marije Rook)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

While not the kind of a light, packable and snug-fitting layer you'd want to carry with you on a long ride, GOFLUO's outerwear is an absolute must-have for anyone on the go in the low-light or dark hours. The pieces are fun, stylish and visible up to 150 meters away — the hi-vis you actually want to be wearing.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Next level brightness

  • +

    Great coverage

  • +

    Fun designs and styles

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Garments are a tad heavy

  • -

    Loose fit

  • -

    Not necessarily performance-oriented

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We've officially entered the dark and gloomy season. The days are short; if you commute to and from work, you're probably spending most of your ride in the dark. Even the scarce daylight hours are grey, with only occasional glimpses of a pale sun. With the increased rain, fog, and limited daylight hours, visibility is a problem for all road users, but for motorists traveling at speed especially. As someone riding a bike, being bright and visible in these adverse conditions is the best way to prevent car-bike conflicts. Luckily, there's a wide range of hi-vis products and lights on the market to help you be seen. But even in this glowing category, the GOFLUO products are, well, a standout. 

GOFLUO is a Belgian apparel brand founded in 2018 by designer Julie Vets, a mother of two looking to create hi-vis products that are a bit more fashionable than the common safety vest. From vests and jackets to gloves and handbags, GOFLUO makes products for running, walking and cycling as well as everyday errands, because a little extra visibility can only be a good thing. These products are made for adults and kids alike and have become quite popular in Europe. In 2023, after a successful few years growing in the European market, GOFLUO decided it was ready to take on the North American market and, in addition to working with several U.S. retailers, opened a presence in New York this summer.

Shop GOFLUO's Amazon store

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