Mavic Allroad Thermo Long Sleeve jersey review

Mavic has gone for a more casual look with its Allroad clothing range, without skimping on technical features

Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Mavic Allroad Thermo jersey gives you a lot of warmth and windproofing in a technical merino-containing garment without an overly performance-oriented cut. It’s good for cooler rides and has a sufficiently relaxed look that you wouldn’t look out of place amongst non-cyclists at a café or pub stop.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Relaxed style looks good off the bike as well as on

  • +

    Heavy, dense fabric is warm and windproof

  • +

    Comfortable fit

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Single zipped rear pocket makes carrying kit a bit of a muddle

  • -

    Limited reflectives and visibility

  • -

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With the mercury on its way down, it’s been a good opportunity to test the Mavic Allroad Thermo jersey. It’s part of Mavic’s gravel clothing line, designed to provide a more relaxed style that will work well on and off the bike.

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Made from a merino wool and polyester mix, the Mavic Allroad Thermo jersey is dense and quite heavy, with a fleeced inner surface; most brands would describe it as a jacket rather than a jersey. This leads to good resistance to cold winds, without the Mavic Allroad Thermo jersey being so windproof that it gets uncomfortable. The fabric is also very soft to the touch and the fit is close enough to avoid windflap.

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Mavic gives you a high collar with two snap closures on the Allroad Thermo jersey. The collar is separate from the zip, so you can open the latter for a bit of extra ventilation, without needing to open up the collar. I found the Mavic Allroad Thermo jersey good for temperatures between around 5C and 15C, with the separate zipper and collar meaning that you can open the front without it flapping around too much.

Mavic Allroad Thermo

Allroad Thermo jersey is designed to look different from the usual road kit

There’s a single zipped pocket at the rear. The zip means that there’s little chance of losing kit during a ride, but not having separate compartments means that everything you carry ends up mixed up together and it’s more awkward to fish out food as you go. But there’s also a zipped breast pocket, which I found was a better alternative for gels and other food as well as keys or a phone.

The two-tone grey and black looks smart and understated, but doesn’t offer much visibility if you are riding on the road. Mavic adds small orange reflective tabs on the tail and one sleeve to help with this. Plus you get a yellow Mavic flash below the collar.

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The Mavic Allroad Thermo jersey’s merino content helps with odour control, so if you are planning a café or pub stop on a ride, you’re not going to be unpleasant company either.

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