Cat Eye Volt 700 front light

A good light with 5 modes, the Cat Eye Volt 700 front light comes recommended




  • Five good modes
  • Simple to mount


  • Not particularly secure if left unattended

Price as reviewed:


The Cat Eye Volt 700 front light has five modes: high, medium, low, hyper-constant and flash. The hyper-constant and flashing are more than enough to give you and your fellow road users a headache.

While the all-night mode emitted only 100 lumens and would not provide great visibility in an unlit area, it is going to make you visible to others and prolong the life of your battery on a long ride home.

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After trying all the options, the beam of choice would be the dynamic mode; at 700 lumens it provides good visibility in pitch-black up to 15 metres. The light easily slides on to a Flextight lightweight bracket, held in place by finger rotation of a plastic nut, making it simple to mount onto different bar diameters. It can easily be unclipped for safekeeping but the bracket is also easy to remove, so it’s not particularly secure if left unattended.

Although still in Cateye’s range, the Volt 700 has been largely superseded by the Volt 800 with the same body but more power.




This light is easy to mount and has a good range of modes. A recommended light.


Lumens: 800
Minimum run time: 2 hours
Modes: 5
Charge time: 5 hours
Too free: Yes