Gemini Xera LED 850 flashlight review

A strong light that can double as a conventional torch, the Gemini Xera LED 850 flashlight comes highly recommended

Gemini Xera LED 850 flashlight bike light
(Image credit: Andrew Sydenham)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

A very bright light that doubles in practicality when used as a standard torch

  • +

    Doubles as a torch

  • +

    Very bright

  • +

    Simple secure fitting

  • -

    Road vibrations buzz through the light

Given its conventional torch shape, the Gemini Xera LED 850 flashlight naturally doubles up as something you might use off-bike on a camping touring trip, or rummaging around for tools in the shed.

Satisfyingly weighty, its shape and a simple clip-and-band bar fitting does mean road vibrations visibly buzz through it, but it stays secure enough to light the way.

Clicking a single button at the end turns it on and off, while a mere touch switches it between three different brightness levels and flash. At 850 lumens it is one of the brightest bike lights and an interchangeable optic allows you to alter how those lumens are used.