Guee Aero-X rear light review

We check out Guee's rear light for aero seatposts

guee aero-x rear light
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Guee Aero-X rear light is a bright rear light that fits well whatever the shape of your seatpost (as long as you're careful with the rubberised bands). Also impressive is the battery life and USB recharging.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Nice and bright

  • +

    Good for different sized seatposts

  • +

    Easy to recharge

  • +

    Good battery life

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Rubberised bands prone to snapping

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If you’re looking for a new rear light it might be tempting to splash out on something from well-known brands such as Lezyne or Exposure. However, the Guee Aero-X rear light shows that you don’t have to break the bank in search of a quality product.

For its sub-£25 price tag, the Guee Aero-X rear light is impressively bright. Guee doesn’t give a brightness figure with the light, but it should be more than bright enough to make sure that you’re seen by drivers, even when it’s just a bit gloomy rather than pitch black.

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However, what really makes the Guee Aero-X rear light stand out is that it is a “smart light”. What this means is that the light contains an accelerometer which senses when you are braking and increases the brightness of the light and the frequency of the flashes accordingly. It’s not a hugely dramatic difference, but hopefully enough to catch the eye of drivers.

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As you might be able to guess from the name the Guee Aero-X rear light has been designed to be used with aero seatposts, an important feature at a time where aero road bikes are becoming more and more common. This is done through “wings” on the side of the light which can be rotated in and out to make sure that the light always fits snugly up against the seatpost.

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This works very well, but is unfortunately undermined by the rubberized bands that are used to secure the light. Not only are the ones supplied not long enough to fit around aero seatposts, but are also prone to snapping if you pull them too much when fitting the light. The only good news is that normal elastic bands will do just as good a job when you snap all the bands that come in the box.

Better is the charging and battery life. As you’d hope, the Guee Aero-X rear light can be recharged using a mini USB cable, meaning that you can recharge it at work if necessary. Battery life is between five and 15 hours depending on which mode the light’s in.

For more details visit the i-Ride website.

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