Knog Mid Cobber Twinpack review

Easy and bright, these Knog Mid Cobber lights could be ideal for your city rides or commutes, just be mindful of where you position the front light

Cycling Weekly Verdict

I like the Knog Mid Cobber lights. The rear in particular is eye catching. The front however, all though offers great be seen ability, mostly shined in my eyes on some of the brighter flash settings.

Reasons to buy
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    Easy to use

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Front light position needs thought

  • -

    Rubber trick to release

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Knog has produced some outstanding lights in the past, offering great, easy to use light sets for typical urban cycling. The Knog Mid Cobber does just that.

The relatively small design allows the lights to be positioned pretty much anywhere. For this test, on a standard drop handlebar road bike, we chose the classic seatpost position  for the rear and handlebar for the front.

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The main downside to the Knog Mid Cobber comes in the form of the front light and its positioning on the handlebar. Firstly it can be annoying if you like to hold the top, as I do, as when mounted length-way on the bar it can interfere with hand position. In pulse or flash modes, with the full 320 lumens being pumped out, the top part of the light flashes pretty much in your face.

As you can imagine this is a little jarring at times, especially when you need to concentrate and even more so when it really is dark and there is minimal street lighting. Arguably, you could position the light lower down on the headtube (a difficult prospect on any modern road bike) or on the fork. However putting a light so low would question its effectiveness in being seen.

However, as a 'be seen' front light it is very effective. Filtering through traffic I even had cars move out a little to let me through, such is the brightness this unit kicks out.

The rear is an entirely different story and I'd go as far to say it is one of the best I've used. Its shape lends itself to being seen very well from directly behind and pretty much all round on either side.

It pushes out a whopping 170 lumens on the pulse and flash modes, which is plenty. Seeing it in action you could never excuse the "I just couldn't see you" remark!

Both units are 100 per cent waterproof, according to Knog, and riding through some dire weather recently the lights haven't stopped working. Max output offers 2.5 hours of burn time for the front and two hours on max for the rear. I pretty much always use a flash setting whilst riding in urban areas so a week's commuting is seen off easily without the need to recharge.

Buy now: Knog Mid Cobber twinpack at Wiggle for £82.00

Great set of lights, just the front letting the side down a little.

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