Lezyne Micro Drive 600XL and KTV Pro lightset review

Compact package with retina burning brightness

Cycling Weekly Verdict

Neat and compact, the Lezyne combo makes a decent, bright light set for use for commuting and occasional night riding. Burn times are good for the size of the units and charge times are relatively quick making them suitable for regular use without the need for lots of charging. It's just the rear mounting issues that stop them getting full marks.

Reasons to buy
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    Burn time

Reasons to avoid
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    Rear light tends to spin

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Boasting a combination of 600 Lumens at the front and 75 Lumen rear output, the Lezyne Micro Drive 600XL/KTV Pro lightset has more than enough power to keep you safe and seen in the dark.

The neat, compact design of both front and rear lights makes fitting even on the the shortest seatpost or cluttered handlebar a doddle and multiple attachment options for the front 600XL make finding space even easier. The front 600XL uses a permanently attached rubber strap to wrap it tight around the handlebar but it also rotates on the clamp allowing you to fit on fork leg or any odd angled position.

Despite being used on the fork leg for a recent multi-day trip I had no issues with the light remaining steadfastly in place.

The MicroDrive 600XL utilises a CNC machined aluminium body incorporating ridged cooling fins aimed at getting rid of the excess heat that can build up with high power LEDs. Said LEDs are arranged in a side-by-side pattern and push out a decent spread of light that in most modes works as a flood light to light up the road ahead evenly.

Only in the two brightest modes does it take on more of a spot pattern, highlighting a smaller but brighter patch of the road ahead. The four flashing modes offer two separate brightnesses, with the Day Flash option pushing out the full 600 Lumens.

I can attest, after riding LEJOG that even the lower flashing modes are bright enough to light up road signs from over five hundred meters away easily.

Burn times from such a compact unit are around average with the brightest 600 Lumen setting lasting for approximately 56 minutes of continuous use. The lower 400 Lumen setting still provides more than enough light for most urban riding and lasted nearly two hours.

Flashing settings obviously last longer and the super bright Day Flash mode provided more than enough charge to cover a week of hour to two hour commuting per day. The clear top mounted power button displays the charge level with a single click and is easy to use with gloves. Charging is done through the attached USB plug found behind a secure and weather proof rubber bung and the best part of this design is you don't need to carry an extra cable to take care of charging duties.

Buy now: Lezyne Micro Drive 600XL/KTV Pro lightset at Wiggle for £49.99

With regards the rear KTV unit, it follows in a similar vein to the front light with regards charging, control and weather proofing (10 hour+ rides in constant rain can attest to both front and rear weatherproofing). The light boasts 270 degree visibility thanks to a cut away design and raised lens but this side visibility is, in reality, quite minimal at best. Five modes are available including a full 75 Lumen Day Flash setting that is more than bright enough for night time use. Run time in the highest setting measured in excess of nine hours, again perfect for a five day commute without needing to recharge.

Mounting is reliant on the thick rubber strap and slightly compliant rear recess on the light body. This recess is a little too narrow and the rubber a little too stiff to hold it tight against a standard seatpost. This does result in the light spinning of centre during a ride and reduces rear visibility. Something you will need to keep an eye on.

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