DeFeet Slipstream Overshoes review

Good looking ‘Belgian bootie’ for that pro look

Cycling Weekly Verdict

It’s easy to roll your eyes at yet another slick modern, technical (and relatively pricey) take on the way things were, but we reckon most would agree: these work better, last better and look better over a shoe than an old pair of white cotton socks ever did. Not as practical as a proper overshoe though.

  • +

    Stand out from the crowd

  • +

    Keeps your best shoes clean

  • -

    Not a huge amount of weather protection

  • -

    Not as durable as a standard overshoe

There aren’t many items of clothing that require you to have at them with the scissors before you can even wear them, but you’ll need to take a deep breath and be brutal before going anywhere dressed in Slipstream shoe covers.

This modern take on the classic cotton sock ‘Belgian bootie’ is worn over the shoes with a view to keeping the elements out and your shoes clean. The DeFeet Slipstream overshoes don’t come with a cleat cut-out - that’s where those scissors come in, cutting a simple slit along a dotted line on the sole. This is best done with the overshoes pulled onto the shoe, lest an unruly moment leads to you cutting all the way through the upper too.

They pull onto the shoe with minimal snagging and it has to be said the branding and bright colours look great on. With five colours available, including two fluoros, and a simple white for those who like doing laundry, you should have no problem matching them to your bike either.

There’s not a great deal of weather protection here, and you’ll want a proper overshoe when it’s cold, wet and wintry; but for most of autumn, spring and early winter the DeFeet Slipstream overshoes will confer that ‘pro’ look while helping keep the chill off feet and guard against spray from damp roads too.

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