Best cycling socks 2021: cool socks and winter warmers

From the ultra funky designs to the winter warmers, we have rounded up the best cycling socks for summer and winter

Cycling socks are the  easiest and cheapest way to express your personality while pedaling around town, rural roads and up and down hills.

Summer is when most of us are out on the road for longer rides, and as there’s no bib tights to hide away your choice of socks, you need high-quality socks that also look the part.

Come winter, you’ll want socks that keep your feet toasty without being too bulky thus affecting the fit of your shoes.

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Some brands tend to use funky designs, while others go big and bold with their color schemes.

We recognize that a lot of these designs and color schemes are hit and miss and so we have also included links to the rest of the range by these brands that are known for their cool socks, before rounding up some of the best winter warmers.

Best summer cycling socks

With each pair of socks is a ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Best Deal’ link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item. This doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

DeFeet Aireator 6″ Barnstormer Ombre cycling socks

best cycling socks summer and winter

You won’t blend into the group ride with these bright neptune and hi-vis yellow ombre socks from DeFeet. This design features in DeFeet’s Aireator mesh range of socks which are optimized for ventilation, comfort and versatility. These socks are also eco-friendly as they are made partly from plastic bottles – so you can look cool while helping the environment at the same time.

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Buy now at Wiggle for £17.99 or from Trek Bikes for $14.99

Explore all designs of DeFeet socks here

Assos FASTLANE Rock cycling socks

best cycling socks summer and winter

Race in the fast lane with these socks from Assos that feature an array of bold arrows in yellow, teal, blue and white. Its seamless construction eliminates irritation and the light mesh-like structure is quick-wicking, allowing you to keep cool in the sweltering heat of summer. These socks have a slightly thicker sole to add a touch of cushioning as you drive on the pedals.

Buy now at Wiggle for £13 or from Competitive Cyclist for $20

Explore all designs of Assos socks here

Stance Pile Up Feel360 bike socks

best cycling socks summer and winter

Stance have a stylish collection of themed socks under their Feel360 bike range. Slither into these comfy medium thickness socks that are a blend of nylon (87-percent), combed cotton (11-percent) and elastane (2-percent).

Buy now direct at Stance EU for £16.99 or Stance USA for $19.99

Explore all designs of Stance socks here

CHPT3 One More Lap 1.51 cycling socks

best cycling socks summer and winter

These fashionable socks from Chpt.III have patterns that take inspiration from the data patterns of time, km/h, watts, distance and cadence. Produced by Castelli, the footbed of the sock incorporates ceramic thread which adds support, durability and some antimicrobial properties too.

Buy now at Sigma Sports for £11 or direct from Castelli for $21.00

Explore all designs of Chpt.III socks here

Ratio Ribbons 20cm cycling socks

best cycling socks summer and winter

Geometric light grey and white lines cover these socks by Ratio that maximize performance with an artful style, and for a friendly price. These ribbon design socks are made of polyamide (60 percent), elastane (25 percent) for fit and polyester (15 percent) for added comfort and moisture-wicking.

Buy now at Wiggle for £6 or from Chain Reaction cycles for $7.40

Explore all designs of Ratio socks here

Primal sharky cycling socks

best cycling socks summer and winter

Get ready to snap up these killer socks that feature a shark with a mustache – because, why not? With a mix of cotton (70 percent), polyester (10 percent) and the breathable waterproofing fabric polyurethane (20 percent), these socks won’t chew up your feet but will provide a nice, tight fit.

Buy now at Wiggle for £10 or from Chain Reaction Cycles for $14.00

Explore all designs of Primal socks here

Prendas Renelf Retro Coolmax cycling socks

best cycling socks summer and winter

These striking yellow, retro socks are based on the 1980s Renault Elf team jersey that was made famous by Bernard Hinault and Greg LeMond. Stand out with these socks that are made in Italy with Prendas’ Coolmax composition, and finished off with a tall 13cm / 5in cuff.

Buy now direct at Prendas for £7.99 / $11.00

Explore all designs of Prendas socks here

Swiftwick Vision Six

Swiftwick Vision Six

Swiftwick makes a big deal about how techy its socks are; using advanced fibers and knitting processes, but they are just socks, right? Well folks, the hype is real, and the Aspire are some of, if not the most comfortable socks money can buy. The Vision comes in a number of colors and patterns, including this limited edition Impression Laval Lamp pair, as well as quite a few less psychedelic options.

Buy now direct from Swifwick or $19.99

Explore all designs of Swiftwick socks here

Stolen Goat Coolmax cycling socks – Brave New World

best cycling socks summer and winter

The Brave New World design by Stolen Goat has a black base but is lit up with multiple bright, rainbow-colored stripes. It is part of Stolen Goat’s CoolMax range which are breathable, lightweight, and quick-wicking. These socks also have a compressive fit to mold into a comfortable riding experience. And if you hit the deck and put a hole in them, they are covered under Stolen Goats crash Damage replacement policy.

Buy now direct at Stolen Goat for £10 /$17

Explore all designs of Stolen Goat socks here

Pongo Black & White Blended cycling socks

best cycling socks summer and winter

Bright, vibrant colors are not an essential for socks that look cool, and Pongo’s black and white blended socks are stylish in a subtle way. The socks feature an anti-twist and compression band and have a classic 6″ cuff.

Buy now direct at Pongo London for £15 / $19.12

Explore all designs of Pongo socks here

best cycling socks summer and winter

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Dinosaurs are pretty awesome, right? This design, therefore, is our pick from Sock Guy’s absolutely massive range of cycling socks that are playful with their designs and cater to all interests and personalities.

Boats? Check. The Devil? Check. Bananas? Check. Go hunting, and there’s going to a pair that will steal your heart. The Dinotopia socks are part of Sock Guy’s crew cuff range that are focused on looking fantastic but also have double-stitched heels and toes for added strength and durability.

Buy now direct at Sock Guy for $12.95 or from Jenson USA for$12.95

Explore all designs of Sock Guy socks here

Sportful Mate cycling socks


best cycling socks summer and winter

The two-tone striped Mate Socks from Sportful come in four different color combinations: blue/red (pictured above), black/orange, white/grey and orange/red. With a Cupron treatment that prevents the build of bacteria and odors, fresh feet are guaranteed when riding wearing these tasteful socks.

Buy now at Wiggle for £10.5o or from Pro bike kit for $12.99

Explore all designs of Sportful socks here

Shimano S-Phyre tall socks

Shimano Sphyre Tall sock

Over the year’s Shimano has designed its gear to work as a system, and the S-Phyre socks are the perfect example of that. The dot pattern over the top of the foot lines up with the top BOA dial and strap to help relieve pressure, and the left and right specific airflow channels line up with the vents on the shoes. Shimano have even knitted the heel to provide extra grip for the silver cat’s tongue, one-way fabric used in the back of the S-phyre shoes.

However, just because they are designed to be used with Shimano shoes, doesn’t mean you can’t wear them with anything else. They provide pleasant compression through the forefoot and bottom of the calf, and never slip down over the course of a ride.

Buy now from Competitive Cyclist for $22.00

Cinelli Caleido Dot cycling socks

best cycling socks summer and winter

Multi-colored dots cover these Cinelli socks that are designed to be a comfortable training and racing sock across all seasons. Also available with a purple base, the polypropylene and resistex carbon blend in these socks provides plenty of comfort at an affordable price.

Buy now at Wiggle for £7.06 or Amazon USA for $13.99

Best winter cycling socks

The two worst things about riding during the winter months have got to be numb hands and numb toes.

Freezing extremities are greatly reduced by wearing a good pair of winter cycling socks, and defeating the chances of numbness allows rides to enjoy racking up the miles with a smile.

One of the key mistakes winter cyclists make is to overpack shoes with too much sock – either wearing socks which are too thick or doubling up. The result is that the shoes become overly tight, cutting off blood supply and thus actually causing numb toes.

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A good winter sock is able to provide warmth without being thick and bulky. Some also come with water-resistant or even waterproof treatment, to keep out the splashes on those wet and sloppy winter days.

Here’s a look at some of the best pairs on the market. With each product is a ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Best Deal’ link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item. This doesn’t affect the amount you pay

Castelli Gregge 15 Socks

best cycling socks summer and winter

Merino is soft, durable, and incredibly warm despite being lightweight and low in volume. Not only that, it generally doesn’t get overly funky, even after multiple rides- making it an excellent material for winter socks.

The Gregge socks from Castelli mix Merino Wool (65-percent) with Elastolefin (30-percent) and Nylon (5-percent) — to create a fabric which is warm, quick drying and stretches well enough to create a good fit.

Buy now at Tredz for £9 or from Amazon for $17.99

dhb Aeron Winter Weight Merino Sock

best cycling socks summer and winter

More Merino! These mix 65-percent wool with Elastane, Lycra and Nylon – promising an excellent “warmth to weight” ratio, as dhb puts it. The cuff measures 18cm / 7in and the heel is reinforced for extra durability, with a little support at the midfoot, a flat toe seam and terry padded footbed.

Buy now at Chain Reaction Cycles UK for £13 or from Chain Reaction Cycles USA for $12.80

Rapha deep winter socks

best cycling socks summer and winter

Review score: 9/10

For days when the mercury has well and truly dropped, there’s these ‘deep winter’ socks from Rapha. The long cuff comes up just below the knee, and a thick wind-resistant front panel keeps out the chills. The bulk of these tall socks is a blend of merino wool, nylon and elastane, and there’s extra wind resistance built into the toes. The seams are double stitched for durability and footbed is padded, for extra comfort.

Read our review of the Rapha Deep Winter socks here 

Buy now at Rapha UK for £13.50 or from Rapha USA for $17.50

Prendas Winter Thermolite socks

best cycling socks summer and winter

Review score: 9/10

Made with a material called Thermolite, which the fibers are hollow and trap heat without adding weight, or bulk. To ensure they last more than one winter, the Prendas socks see a reinforced toe and heel, see an anatomical cut – with a left and right foot design.

The Italian fabric is hard-wearing and suited for temperatures between -6°C/21°F and 6°C/43°F.

Read our review of the Prendas Winter Thermolite socks here

Buy now at Prendas Ciclismo for £8.99/$13.00

Sealskinz Waterproof Cold Weather Mid Length Sock with Hydrostop

best cycling socks summer and winter

Leading the waterproof cycling sock market is Sealskinz. The Hydrostop socks come with an elastic tape at the cuff which seals the entrance and prevents drips from sneaking through. The fabric itself is totally waterproof, while still being breathable and windproof – and there’s a Merino wool lining which wicks away sweat and dries quickly.

Buy now at Evans Cycles for £29.75 or Competitive Cyclist for $36.97

DeFeet Woolie Boolie 6″ Cuff socks

best cycling socks summer and winter

The Woolie Boolie is a mid-weight versatile option which is roughly twice the thickness of DeFeet’s summer Aireator sock. These socks are almost half wool (48-percent), half nylon (49-percent) with a touch of lycra (3-percent) to help maintain their shape.  With a padded terry loop top cuff and sole, and arch compression for greater stabilization, the Woolie Boolie will keep you warm and comfortable on warmer winter rides.

Buy now at Wiggle for £22.99 or from Jenson USA for $15.29

Swiftwick Pursuit Seven

best cycling socks summer and winter

Swiftwick Pursuit

With a reinforced heel and two, Swiftwick’s Pursuit merino wool socks provide just the right amount of warmth to cut through the biting cold without much bulk. The socks are made from a fine gauge merino wool which is soft, non-itchy, and comes in a range of cuff heights and colors — we like the seven-inch cuff because it covers that bit of extra skin.

Buy now direct from Swiftwick for $17.99

Sockguy Siracha Wool 7.6 Crew Sock

best cycling socks summer and winter

SockGuy Saracha

We all have that friend who says to ‘think warm thoughts’ when you start to get cold on a ride, and for that person, these hot sauce inspired socks are the perfect addition to a winter wardrobe. Plus, adding Saracha to anything makes it at least 10-percent better — trust us, it’s science.

Sockguy makes it Saracha socks from what it calls TURBOwool, a 50/50 merino, polypropylene blend which the brand says improves durability, shrink and itch resistance, and most importantly, they are toasty warm.

Buy now from Jenson USA for $13.45