Lezyne Classic Floor Drive track pump

The Lezyne Classic Floor Drive is a solid steel/alloy pump with a large gauge and a redesigned adaptor head




  • Rock-solid build
  • Stable
  • Quality adaptor head
  • Large, easy-to-read gauge


  • Flippable head is a bit fiddly if you need to inflate both Presta and Schrader-valved tubes

Price as reviewed:


The Lezyne Classic Floor Drive does everything you’d want from a track pump, plus this year it’s got a new adaptor head. This uses a screw-on, flippable red Presta/Schrader connector. It screws onto the tyre’s valve via the rotatable gold ring. There’s an air bleed valve built into the new head design too.

The head is chunky and feels very robust, although the need to swap it manually between Presta and Schrader modes is a bit of extra work if you need to inflate tyres with both sorts of valves.

Lezyne Classic Floor Drive

Gauge is easy to read

The new head sits at 90 degrees to the hose. It’s a more ergonomic position and means that the head is easier to use, with less chance of displacing the valve core and losing air when screwing it on or off. It pushes onto a Presta valve, then you need to screw it tight before inflating. There also a rubber seal built in to help prevent air loss.

Lezyne Classic Floor Drive

Lezyne’s new adaptor head is easier to use, although you need to flip the red part to swap between Presta and Schrader valves

The hose is long, so there’s plenty of flexibility to reach tyre valves even in a workstand. It loops over the handle and is held in a hook in the base when not in use.

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The pump itself is a chunky, substantial piece with a wide, stable alloy base and a steel barrel and piston. The handle is black-varnished wood and wide enough and shaped well to be comfortable to use.

The base includes an extra-large gauge with easy-to-read gradations. These go up to 15 bar/220psi and the pump works effectively to pump road bike tyres to less extreme pressures.

At £60, the Lezyne Classic Floor Drive is mid-price range for a track pump. But it has the substantial build that suggests it will prove durable, and Lezyne sells a full range of replacement parts if something does go wrong.


The Classic Floor Drive is an efficient track pump that’s easy to use. The right-angle pump head and extra-large gauge provide good ergonomics and the wide base and comfortable handle add to its usability.


Weight: 1.7kg
Contact: www.upgradebikes.co.uk