Bianchi Oltre XR review

Bianchi Oltre XR
Cycling Weekly Verdict

It's probably no coincidence that less than two years ago the Italian company invested in high-tech facilities in the R&D department. Previously most of the testing was done on feel rather than by computer simulation. The Oltre XR is arguably the most advanced Bianchi yet, and very likely the shape of things to come from the oldest firm in cycling.

Reasons to buy
  • +


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  • +

    Surprisingly comfortable

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not much

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So what's the news on this 2013 Bianchi Oltre XR? Bianchi, you know - it's the world's oldest existing bike brand. Oltre? It's Italian for ‘over' but suggests ‘extra, something over and above'.

And XR? The same initials as Ford cars beloved of 1980s boy racers (XR2i, XR3i), though we doubt that's an allusion Bianchi intended - unless it's trying to appeal to the now-grown-up boy racer demographic. Actually, if you worked in marketing, ‘XR' probably could stand for ‘Extreme Racing', as indeed Bianchi intends.

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