Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo Short Sleeve Jersey review

Super breathable and uses recycled fabrics but comes up small

Male cyclist wearing the Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo Short Sleeve Jersey
(Image credit: Andy Turner)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

A solid lightweight jersey that performs well with excellent breathability and a figure-hugging fit, but lacks pocket space against some competitors. That said, the value is great compared to other premium offerings which balance an aero fit and cooling - plus the use of recycled materials is always much appreciated. Just remember to go up a size from your usual one.

Reasons to buy
  • +


  • +


  • +

    Made of recycled plastics

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Italian sizing - go at least one size up

  • -

    Pockets not the largest

  • -

    No zip pocket for valuables

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The Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo Short Sleeve Jersey is a an aero jersey with eco credentials and a lightweight construction which is well suited to hotter conditions. Increasingly, the best short sleeve jerseys no longer pose a trade off between using recycled materials and top cycling performance - sustainable options compete on a level footing with those made using more standard manufacturing techniques. Let's jump in and see how Santini's eco offering stacks up...

Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo: construction

Male cyclist wearing the Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo Short Sleeve Jersey

(Image credit: Andy Turner)

The Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo Short Sleeve Jersey has a very lightweight build, coming in at just 92g for a size small. It uses 100% recycled fabrics, using both Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and waste yarns.

The fit is sleek and also classically Italian, so sizing up a size or two is necessary. The sleeves are skin tight with no loose material to flap in the wind, whilst the raw-cut hems are are fitted with silicon grippers, to keep them locked in place and prevent any rising. There are also silicon grippers at the base of the jersey too.

Male cyclist wearing the Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo Short Sleeve Jersey

(Image credit: Andy Turner)

The neck is nice and open while the fabric is very breathable. A full length zip means temperature control is easier, as well as taking it on and off. Fabric protectors at the top and bottom of the zip prevent the metal elements damaging the fabric and the three pockets are at the rear of the jersey allow for reasonable storage - accommodating even larger phones.

Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo: the ride

Firstly, I probably got the sizing a bit wrong. I am normally a size small in jerseys, however I didn't factor in the Italian sizing rule of thumb of going up at least one. That said, all credit to the jersey, it was still pretty comfortable, with the fabric having an impressive amount of stretch. The silicone grippers did their jobs and kept the sleeves and cuffs nicely in place.

Interestingly, although some say that a jersey should be difficult to get into, and the zip an effort to close, in order to make maximum aero gains - much aero testing has found that stretching the fabric excessively actually results in greater surface friction and increased drag. A close but not stretched fit is actually ideal.

Although southern Spain may have recorded its hottest ever April, at more northerly latitudes this spring barely sprung. As a result, I ended up taking to the turbo to more thoroughly test the breathability of the jersey.

Normally I find wearing a jersey on the turbo leads to a lot of heat build-up, but this jersey was better than most I have used. There wasn’t much difference in temperature regulation between the jersey zipped and unzipped, which is a strong testament to its performance.

Male cyclist wearing the Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo Short Sleeve Jersey

(Image credit: Andy Turner)

Another element I liked about the jersey was that even in a size small and with my long torso, it wasn’t too short. I was also able to reach into the pockets easily when riding, which is sometimes an issue I find with race fit jerseys. 

The pockets themselves are large enough to fit a large phone in, however you can’t fit much more than that in one pocket. Often pockets can fit my larger phone and a pouch with tools and such in the single middle pocket. There also isn't a small zip pocket for keys, which is something that I like in a jersey. 

I do really like the pattern and style of the jersey, it was the right balance of bold with classy that I like, plus the use of recycled materials is something I’m very happy about.

Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo: value and conclusion

At $140.00 / £119.00, the Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo isn’t a cheap short sleeve jersey, but it is also not an overly expensive one given its aero aspirations. 

Other similar options include the Le Col Hors Categorie Jersey ($185 / £150), Assos Equipe RS Aero jersey ($189 / £165) and MAAP Allied Pro Air Jersey ($170 / £140) and the Rapha Men's Pro Team Aero jersey ($210 / £170). The aero and breathability of these jerseys vary, and I would say the fit of the Santini is not dissimilar to Le Col or Rapha, except for requiring a size up - but I would say the pocket space is a bit limited compared to them. 

That said, the price is significantly lower than the Rapha offering and most similar to the Le Col Pro Indoor jersey, which I’ve found great for summer usage although it lacks aero credentials.

The Santini Eco Sleek Dinamo Short Sleeve Jersey is a very solid jersey offering a good balance of aero performance and breathability for warmer temperatures. Sizing up from your normal size is required, but the jersey feels comfortable even while being snug. The use of recycled fabrics is also appreciated.

The pockets are a little small for filling with more than a large phone in one pocket with tools and food in the others, and the lack of a zip pocket for valuables is a little frustrating. 

A real strong point of this jersey though is the value as it undercuts many other premium quality jerseys that balance both aero and breathability while performing very closely to the more expensive options.

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Andy Turner

Andy is a Sport & Exercise Scientist, fully qualified and experienced cycling coach, personal trainer and gym instructor. He spent 3 years on the road riding for a UCI cycling team and 7 years as a BC Elite rider. 


After graduating in 2020 with first-class honours in his Sport & Exercise Sciences BSc, he continued to pursue his interest in research in the field of sport science alongside setting up his coaching business, ATP Performance, and working for USA-based firm, Wahoo Sports Science. He balanced this with racing at international level, competing in prestigious events such as the Tour of Britain and the Volta a Portugal.