Morgan Blue Mud Off review

Morgan Blue mud off
Cycling Weekly Verdict

My inner hippy does question the closely guarded cocktail of active ingredients; but without doubt this ?is one of the best ?bike cleaners out there.

Reasons to buy
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    Quick and easy

Reasons to avoid
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    Not much

With marketing blurb aimed at ?off-road activities, it's easy to overlook Mud Off, but if you've ridden even as much as a centimetre on the road this winter, then you need this cleaner in your life.

The all-over cleaner has a foam-like consistency that clings to your bike and gets down to business straight away. By the time I switched on the tap and hosed it down, the results were verging on miraculous.

It's ?the closest I've ?ever got to a wash and go - even the blackest of road ?crud was removed.