Cycled belt review

Cycled’s belts made of retired cycle tyres are a cool off-bike accessory for the cyclist

Cycled belt
(Image credit: Cycling Studio)
Cycling Weekly Verdict

Cycled’s belts are great off-bike accessory to subtly show that you’re a cyclist. They’ve got a quality, artisanal look and feel, but are a bit pricy.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Clever reuse of used cycle tyres

  • +

    Quality look and finish

  • +

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    On the expensive side

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If you’re wondering what happens to all those cycle tyres that get a big, irreparably flat and get discarded almost before they’ve been ridden, then you’ll be happy to know that some of them find a second life in Cycled belts.

Handmade in Italy, they’re the ultimate green cycle accessory. Cycled cuts the tread away from the sidewalls. The treated section is then made into a belt, complete with the tyre’s logos.

Cycled belt

Cycled's belts come neatly packaged - in a recycled card box of course
(Image credit: Cycling Studio)

My test belt says that it’s made from a Vittoria Open Corsa CX 23c Pro Series tyre with a Corespun 320tpi casing and a pressure range from 8 to 10 Bar. It’s 3cm wide. At one end is a quality buckle with a solid feel and a roller. There’s a loop for the free end, made of a Vittoria logo. At the other end the belt has neatly punched out buckle holes and a shaped end.

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Cycled’s belt is comfortable and subtle enough to move with you as you move around. It doesn’t cut into you when sitting either and it doesn’t make any black marks on you or your clothing. Being hand made for an old tyre, you may find that your belt turns out a bit different from this though.

Cycled says that here is no mechanised process involved in making its belts, which goes some way to explaining the quite high price of 65 Euros. The belts are made to order and come in sizes from 70cm to 120cm. They’re suitable for men or women.

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Cycled completes its eco credentials with a neat presentation box made of recycled card. There’s a range of designs and prices from 65 Euros up to 84 Euros. It’s a neat way to show your cycling allegiance when off the bike.

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