Panaracer Race D Evo 3 review

If you want to get extra puncture protection but not ruin how your ride feels with traditional winter tyres, maybe this tyre from Panaracer is the answer?

Panaracer Race D Evo 3

Panaracer Race D Evo 3

Cycling Weekly Verdict

All in all a solid set of tyres that will get you through a winter into summer no problem, barring disaster. They’ll certainly last a long time. Grip and rolling resistance is top notch and will make those miles tick by comfortably. At £44.99 a tyre though these are certainly a premium product.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Good grip

  • +

    Low rolling resistance

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    I did have two punctures in succession

  • -


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Panaracer has stuck with the Race range for a while now and has optimised a nice system that easily allows you to choose the right tyre for you and the type of road riding you do. The Race Evo range is now in its third iteration and offers a smart looking and a hard wearing road tyre.

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The range is split into three, Race A Evo for all round riding, Evo L for lightweight and the D, which we are testing here, aimed at more endurance riding like we do heading into winter. The D Evo uses the ZSG Dual compound and adds the 3D casing that is wrapped from sidewall to sidewall, along with, a ProTite Belt which Panaracer says makes this a highly durable and puncture protected tyre for all occasions.

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Unfortunately during testing I did puncture twice on the bounce (one front and one back). This was down to one bit or flint and a large piece of glass, which unless you are running solid tyres you can’t really avoid, so lets put that down to bad luck. They have held up well since and durability seems pretty good, with minimal wear and cuts made to the tyre.

Inevitable bit of glass that can ruin everything

Inevitable bit of glass that can ruin everything

Sadly that bit of glass has made a lasting impression with a small hole but as I say no problems since. Time to get a bit of glue out! That little mishap aside, the real selling point of the Race D Evo 3 is the grip and low rolling resistance. Usually with winter or endurance based tyres you feel sluggish and your ride lacks zip. However, these ride like most summer tyres I’ve tested.

With the slightly wider options 25 and 28c you don’t need to run high pressure either so comfort isn’t an issue. Just watch for how wide they are if run with a wide internal rim (most new wheelsets now have wider rims, which means you’ll effectively ride 26/27c without knowing, or even up to 30c if riding 28’s.)

Panaracer Race D Evo 3's are durable.

Panaracer Race D Evo 3s are durable.

Grip is great too and the ‘all contact tread shape’ along with the width and slightly lower pressure means you have great contact with the road. I had no doubt in their cornering ability. I must admit I didn’t truly push them in the bends. It is of course hard to generalise, but in the Kent lanes the mix of dry, damp and leaf filled roads didn’t kick up a fuss or the Race D Evo 3s. You have an option of 23, 25 and 28c in either black or brown side wall colours.

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