Cero ARD23 Disc wheels review

We've tested the ARD23 disc wheelset from Cycle Division's own brand Cero. They come in at a penny under £400 and provide plenty of adaptability as well as light overall weight.

cero ard23 disc brake wheels
Cycling Weekly Verdict

A well priced, good quality disc braked wheel upgrade with modern features and lots of adaptability

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Adaptable to any axle spec

  • +

    Quality components

  • +

    19mm internal rim width

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Shallow rim section

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Priced at just a penny under £400, I have to say that I wasn't expecting anything spectacular from the Cero ARD23 Disc wheels. However I was very surprised with the level of performance, and these are certainly excellent wheels to go for if you want to upgrade your disc brake wheels without breaking the bank.

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Hubs are adaptable to any standard

Hubs are adaptable to any standard

Despite the sub-£400 the Cero ARD23 Disc wheels still come packed with all of the features and future-proofing that you get on much more expensive wheelsets. One of the problems with buying disc brake wheels is that there are so many axle standards knocking about that it's hard to know which ones will still be around in a few years time, and if you've got two disc brake bikes, then they might be compatible with different axles, possibly making it impossible to switch wheels between bikes.

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Out of the box, the Cero ARD23 Disc wheels are designed to be run with quick releases, but if you want to use them with thru-axles, then the manufacturers will throw in the relevant adaptors for free. The front wheel adaptors are available in the increasingly prevalent 12 x 100mm as well as 15 x 100mm, while the rear wheel adaptors are available in either 12 x 135mm or 12 x 142mm. It's also nice and easy to switch the adaptors, which is good.

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Although shallow, the rims have a wide section

Although shallow, the rims have a wide section

The rims also tick all the boxes that you should expect when buying a disc brake wheelset. These rims haven't just been taken from a rim brake wheel, but have been specifically designed to cope with disc brakes.

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The internal width of the Cero ARD23 Disc wheels is 19mm, which is above average, and means that these wheels are well up to date with the trend for wider and wider rims, and also means that they work very well when combined with wider tyres.



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