How to fit clip on bars to your bike (video)

Our mechanic shows you how to fit clip on bars to your bike to help you get more aero

Tim Wellens in action at the 2016 Giro d'Italia
(Image credit: Yuzuru Sunada)

Getting aero is a great way, if not the best way, to go faster on your road bike, and that means trying to get as narrow as possible to help you slice through the air.

Happily, you can fit aero bars to nearly all bikes, and they'll help you get narrower at the front and minimise drag. Here's how to fit clip on bars to your bike.

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How to fit clip on bars to your bike

Clip on aero bars

How to fit clip on bars to your bike: what you'll need:

  • Torque/Allen keys
  • Grease
  • Carbon assembly pace
  • Torque wrench

First things first, your clip on bars need to be compatible with your handlebars, contact your manufacturer if you're unsure. Once done, clean the area you want to attach the bars to with some alcohol.

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How to fit clip on bars to your bike

Clean the area where you want to put your bars

Your clip on bars will come with a variety of spacers that allows you to alter either your stack, width or reach. Markings along the bars allow you to get your setup spot on.

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Before fitting the bars, there's a bit of prep work to be done. You'll want to apply grease to all the bolts and dollop some carbon assembly paste on the clamps where they'll grip the bar.

How to fit clip on bars to your bike

Make sure the bolts are correctly torqued

You might also have to torque the two extension clamps, too. It's also worth noting that there will sometimes be a zone in which you have to place the bars.

You'll want to have the bars horizontal and inline with the stem, then nip the bolts up to 5nm. You can also re-adjust the arm rests so that they're more comfortable to you. The best way to get the rest of the adjustments dialled is to sit on the bike and try it out.

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