The January issue of Cycling Active is in the shops now and packed full of news, reviews and advice on all aspects of cycling.

Cycling Active Jan 2010 Cover

An unmissable Christmas read

● Performance with style – winter road bikes from Dolan and Condor
● Cheap as chips – sports bikes for £300
● Nice hybrid – A quick spin on the new Cannondale
● One night stand – we celebrate the joys of the short cycle tour
● Nail it! – improve your cycling with our easy and fun to follow new series
● Drink aware – should you ride and imbibe this Crimbo?
● CA’s faves from the 2011 Euro sportive calendar
● Incredible money off subs offer

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  • Nick Rearden

    Hi Dan, sorry I missed this. No, not reviewed; just a cover star. We do have a BMC AlpenChallenge AC02 coming up in April, I believe.

  • Dan

    The rider on the cover is on a BMC Street Fire SSX01. Have you reviewed this bike in any back issues?

  • Terry D

    Ah, so she got the job then.. and she does race too so probably a fair assessment.. Not that you’d catch me in anything but bibs!


  • Nick Rearden

    I may be wrong, Terry, but if that was originally in the May issue, that must mean Claire would have been writing that in February or something. I don’t think she was working for them, then. It’s not been long. Anyhoo, we love bike shop people’s opinions on kit as a general rule. They tend to be the harshest critics of anything that’s a bit dodgy. If we make a terrible recommendation, we can hide in our tower in Croydon. If someone in a bike shop takes your money, the good ones tend to feel pretty embarrassed when you take it back and glare at ’em.

  • Peter Bragg

    Great touring piece and great shots of our Shutt Jersey.. Thanks guys and nice surprise for Simon and I


  • Terry D

    I loved Claire Beaumont of Condor Cycles & Rapha-Condors great review of Condor Shorts, 8/10 and I am sure there was no conflict of interest at all 😀