Being a cyclist, we're used to non-cyclists enquiring about the eccentricities of our hobby, but there are a few questions that you should steer clear of

Why don’t you just drive?

Where’s the fun in that? We ride because it’s cheaper, more exciting and keeps you healthy. A lot of riders also own cars, so they take an active choice to travel by two wheels.

Don’t you think you look silly in Lycra?

We know we look silly! We don’t wear tight clothing that shows off all the contours of our body in a pretty unflattering way because we think it looks good, we do it because everyone else does it and it makes us faster, apparently.

How much did your bike cost?

You should never ask this question because you’ll probably never get an honest answer. If you’re asking your partner how much they spent on their new machine it’s likely you’ll hear a price several hundred pounds less than what they actually paid.

Who made it into the top 10?

Why don’t you skip your training ride, just this once?

You’re asking a cyclist to make a choice between spending time with you and going out on their bike… it might not end in the way you hope.

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Plus, skipping one training ride is the beginning of a slippery slope that will result in the rider selling their bike and becoming very unfit.

And you don’t want that on your conscience, do you?

Cyclist sleeping

How much does your bike weigh?

This is quite a dangerous question to ask, as you may end up talking to a cyclist obsessed with the weight of every component and you won’t be able to escape for a while.

But on the whole, in the words of some Texan fella, it’s not about the bike – it’s about the person riding it.

Do you need to ride that far?

No-one ever needs to ride 100 miles, but we do it because we enjoy the challenge. Six hours on a bike is better than six hours on the couch.

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Isn’t it a bit cold for a bike ride?

It is cold, yes, but that’s why I’ve got all this winter kit.

What do you do if it rains?

We carry on regardless…

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My friend wants a bike, what should he/she buy?

The unanswerable question. How much do they want to spend? What will they be using it for? Do they know anything about bikes already? Do they want a good frame or a good groupset?

There’s so much choice!

How much do you weigh?

Lose weight the right way

It’s none of your business and quite a sensitive issue for a cyclist trying to trim down!

Do you need all those gadgets?

Again, it’s not a case of needing the gadgets, but how else are we going to find out the speed/cadence/average power/wind speed/gradient/heart rate on our rides?

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Shall we store your bike in the garage?

Everyone knows that bikes need to be kept inside the house to keep them in top working order, or at least this is what we tell our partners.

Isn’t it uncomfortable sitting on that saddle?

Most bike saddles weren’t built for comfort, so it can get a little uncomfortable, but few riders will admit to the pain.

That’s why you’ll hear lots of cyclists discussing the quality of the padding in their shorts. Not that padding… get your mind out of the gutter.

Built for speed, not comfort

Built for speed, not comfort

Do you want another piece of cake?

The answer is always yes, even though we know we shouldn’t. Therefore it’s best not to ask in the first place.

Do you do triathlon?


Any questions we’ve missed that really grind your gears? Let us know in the comments below.

  • jim Green

    Isn’t it dangerous being clipped in , what if you crash?

  • Jorge

    Do you really need so many bikes?

  • Cy clists use the roads by right. Car drivers pay tax becasuse they polute the Atmos what i tell people

  • David

    What gives you the right to be on the road? I have had this remark more than once!

  • Dan Munteanu

    Do you fall with your bicycle…? 🙂 – One more question…

  • Shawn Barham

    Aren’t you afraid you might get hit by a car?

  • Sandro Siqueira

    What maximum speed you make in your bike? arghhhh!!!!

  • dougphoto

    how high do you shave?

  • Bharat Gourab

    Simple answer, you can’t ride beyond 20km/h or you will hit a pole, hit a careless woman on phone, a kid on skates, hit a tree, your wheel will get stuck in a hole, and lastly the pedestrians will ask you,”Why don’t you ride on the road ? :/ “

  • Bharat Gourab

    Whose bicycle is faster ?
    Never ask this question to me when my other cyclist friends are present, it’s the beginning of a cold war for next trip. You won’t notice and nobody will react but trust me it’s there.

  • srbmckenzie

    What if you do do Triathlon?

  • Aryan Adibmehr

    “Do you do triathlon?”, the answer was spot on.

  • Helmut Heißenhuber

    How fast is your bike ?

  • Tom Stricklin on Strava


  • Endomancer

    “Where’s your common sense?” Shouted from the passenger side of a car adorned with red “P” plates as it attempted to overtake me in a single laned roundabout

  • Craig Olmsted

    “Why don’t you ride on the sidewalk?” is the only thing that bugs me. I’ll answer all questions in case it gets someone on a bike.

  • Al Dole

    These people should be ashamed of theselves.

  • James Spencer

    Why doesn’t the person weighing themselves have hairy legs. That alone renders this guide unauthentic

  • Fifty Something

    Just the tip of the iceberg. Search on velominati.

  • BobB59

    It does have an engine (pointing to the quads).

  • Simon Shaw

    And it doesn’t have an engine?? 🙁