Lance Armstrong may look fitter than he did this time last year when he started his comeback at the Tour Down Under, but this year’s race is no easy ride.

The seven time Tour de France winner suffered in the heat today, like everybody else, but said that what has made the racing really hard is the riders. “Unless you told everyone not to start training until January first it’s going to be hard,” he said at the end of stage three to Stirling.

“You have this mix of the fact it’s now ProTour and you have new teams with new sponsors, worldwide exposure, young guys that want to show early on… So all that stuff comes together and makes for a hard race. There’s an intersection of a bunch of different priorities that makes it really hard, for I think everybody”

“In the sprint there were top guys – you saw it was spread out across the road – all the guys looked around and said, ‘I can’t go’.”

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Today’s parcours was tough, and there was little respite in the bunch with no break away groups allowed to escape and take the pressure off. The final finishing circuit was especially hard, with the pace rarely letting up and the bunch splitting under the pressure.

“I guess I felt better this year and sat in a better position,” Armstrong said.

“If you’re 30 or 40 back and some one opens the position, it’s hard to come around them. You can only do that one or two times. And then you get that roundabout with two kilometres to go and if you’re not in a good spot there it’s your day over.”

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  • bored

    cyclepro – if the best you can muster is a criticism of my spelling then clearly you’re lacking in the brain department.

    If you think Lance is great then bully for you.

  • Jack Daughy

    to all of you ,

    look at all top sports starts , they have several factors in common , a never give up attitude, , the brains to know when to go till you die or keep something in reserve and how to use the media. For all of you out there Lance Armstrong is top in his sport. Yes there are others that can , now that he’s what almost 40 , out preform him on given days but there is no one NO ONE that can match him on all the steps needed to be top in cycling. Face it he’s the best today but yes as with all stars , his shine will fade another will take the thron.

  • cyclepro

    Bored, you really sound like a Lance Armstrong hater. Also if you’re going to name people that Lance wronged in your article, at least spell the name right. It’s filippo Simeoni. And if you weren’t there yourself, it’s nothing but hearsay and conjecture. As far as his tweeting about Alberto Contador, he wasn’t saying anything the rest of the team wasn’t thinking. Pistolero does have a lot to learn. He attacked his own team, and ignored his directeur sportif. Lance is one of the greatest cyclists to ever live, and people are interested to hear about him. Just because you don’t like him, doesn’t mean everybody should feel the same way.

  • bored

    DavyDMX – People are interested in Lance but that’s because he is a master of manipulating the press and a spin doctor extraordinaire. He’d even give Alastair Campbell a run for his money.

    The man is a vindictive nasty piece of work, as perfectly demonstrated by his treatment of Fillipo Simione and indeed his childish tweeting during the TDF this year.

    As for hearing Lance’s view of the race – sorry mate but you’ll never get that any more than you get a policitians honest opinion. Everything is said for effect and to further brand Lance.

  • DavyDMX

    There’s something wrong with some people… There’s a reason the SA government forked out to get Lance to ride the TDU – people are interested in him. Ask yourself, why didn’t Mike Rann give $1 million to Alberto Contador, Andy Schleck or Bradley Wiggins to appear instead? I want to read about Lance at the race, his view of it is worth more than the people who comment on here!

  • bored

    Oh goody yet more reporting about LA..

  • MIke

    In the first race of the season, made for sprinters, your lead story is one about Lance find it hard? Are you kidding? You guys are so anti-lance that you let it negatively affect your reporting. Get real.