BBC publishes results of cycling poll, gauging opinion on range of cycling issues in the UK

Half of the people who responded to a BBC poll on cycling in Britain said that they thought that the nation’s roads were too dangerous for cyclists.

According to the poll results published by the BBC on Tuesday, 52 per cent agree with the statement that it is “too dangerous to cycle on the roads in my local area”.

Only 34 per cent thought that their local roads were well designed for cyclists, and over half of people thought that employers didn’t do enough to encourage cycling to work.

“It’s clear… people don’t feel safe when riding their bikes on our roads,” Chris Boardman, British Cycling policy advisor, told the BBC. “In order to rectify this we need a clear commitment from government and local authorities to prioritise the safety and needs of cyclists in all future transport schemes.”

The poll also asked whether the Tour de France’s visit to Britain had thus far encouraged people to get out and cycle more, but it found that only 20 per cent of people felt that it had.

  • Riggah

    Some friends of mine, who have always thought I was a ‘bit weird’ to wear lycra and ride a bike, went to see Stage 2 and experienced an epiphany! They absolutely loved it and found Le Tour very exciting. One of them texted me the other day to remind me that the Commonwealth Games Time Trail was on TV!

  • Rob

    Agreed. Someone turned right in front of me too, in the rain, and I hit the side, and he complained because his door mirror had broke off.

  • andybrice

    I kind-of presumed that trying to contact any government department directly would just be met with cut-and-paste responses, and that writing an article and trying to get it noticed would be a better strategy. But actually, perhaps you’re right.

  • poisonjunction

    If you sincerely think the Highway Code is vague and ambiguous, write to the Department of Transport or discuss with your MP.
    Put forward your suggestions for changes – Don’t sit on your ….. bleating, do something about it!!! You could save a life.

  • Guest

    Well I’d say a bit of both.

  • Peter Marlow

    The BBC are priceless, they really are….. such timing…. and talk about loaded questions!

    “The poll also asked whether the Tour de France’s
    visit to Britain had thus far encouraged people to get out and cycle
    more, but it found that only 20 per cent of people felt that it had.”

    Give it a chance – it hasn’t started yet!!!!

    I’m told that BBC top brass still considers cycling an issue which needs to be “managed”. Am I the only person to have noticed that every recent BBC TV feature about Le Grand Depart has gone looking for bad news stories? Or trivialised it – anybody see last week’s Countryfile? The BBC will do absolutely anything to avoid actually showing the public how exciting and beautiful the TdF really is.

    As recently as 2011, the BBC told me that cycling was officially considered a “minority sport” by the BBC. Bring it on Yorkshire!

  • Carl

    I concur, its the drivers not the roads. The amount of impatience is mind boggling. I often ride with my 16 years son and nearly every time we go out someone shouts at us from a moving car, cuts us up, and more dangerously assumes they have right of way when their lane is blocked forcing us off the road. I consider myself a considerate cyclist and am trying to pass this on, but it hard at times when you constantly have to bite your tongue from abuse whilst with a minor. Recently I even had someone turn right in front of me with me hitting the side of their car and then drive off. Until the police bother to enforce safe driving where cyclists are concerns things will never get better.

  • Riggah

    It’s not the roads that are dangerous. It’s the drivers.