Charges have been dropped against a man arrested in connection with the sabotage of last year’s Etape Caledonia cyclo-sportive.

Alexander Grosset was charged with spreading tacks on the road, causing hundreds of riders to puncture during the event held in Perthshire in May 2009.

Grosset, a 62-year-old community council chairman, will now not face charges of sabotage. The local police has stated that it has no plans to arrest any one else in connection with the event, the BBC reports.

“After full and careful consideration of all the facts and circumstances by Crown counsel, it was decided there should be no further proceedings,” a Crown official said. 

Many riders who had suffered punctures during the £54-per-head event had to pack up after running out of spare inner tubes. The event was temporarily halted to clear the roads.

Although none of the 3,500 participants were hurt in the incident, the willful sabotage of the event was widely condemned.

The 2010 Etape Caledonia is scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 16 2010.

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  • Michael Mace

    Very good and valid point ‘dou61e’ but if the gentleman concerned did not do the dead, and looking at his details it would seem unlikly that someone of his standing would do such a dangerous act, WHO THE HELL DID AND WHY ARE THE POLICE NOT PURSUING THEM?
    The police in the in the Highlands (except for the turds in the camera vans) tend to be very good and fair so what has happened with this case?
    Mike. Isle of Skye

  • gtahenning

    All those that suffered danger, financial loss,injury and damage to their property, should instigate proceedings through the courts against the culprit, whom the police arrested, as I understand, the officers dealing should be called as witnesses and this can be carried out through the various cycling organisations, BC, CTC etc etc. Justice can then be seen to be done and offender punished.

  • Andrew

    Re: Etape Caledonia – sabotaged and halted!!!!
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    Although the criminal charges have been dropped those who suffered losses can still follow the civil law route where the burden of proof is “in the balance of probabilities” rather then the criminal law “beyond reasonable doulbt”.

    If you have British Cycling Gold or Silver membership your membership includes free legal assistance to members involved in an incident while riding: call 0161 274 2015 for advice

    Members of the CTC have a similar benefit: call 0844 736 8452 for advice

  • dou61e

    in the interests of balance, you might like to read the alleged perpetrator’s comments as reported in the P&J Obviously, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t do it but its a side of the story that is getting very little coverage elsewhere and might provide the reason for the decision not to take further proceedings.

  • Neil – 2 punctures

    I am sure that, given the Police have no plans to pursue anyone else, this has all the hallmarks of a total whitewash. I would be happy to be part of a class action, if only to see some measure of justice delivered. At the moment I feel like driving the 100 miles, despite the snow, to Rannoch to register my disgust personally!

  • Shaun Green

    This is yet another disgraceful decision from North of the Border, and whilst I’m not suggesting his offences are as serious as the Lockerby bombing, it makes you wonder what someone has to do to actually be held fully accountable for their malicious actions.

  • Paul Green

    Is this not a case of criminal damage? If you slashed a car tyre, you’d get charged- what’s the difference?

  • Steve

    Maybe if everyone who got a puncture sent him a bill, then when he doesn’t pay pursue it through the small claims court? All riders should also ask him to reimburse for the entry fee.

  • Dave

    Unbelievable, someone should take the Procurator Fiscal to court, perhaps he is one of those living on the route !!!!
    It becomes more and more apparent that while we get all the weasel words from the Government about excercise and not being couch potatoes they really do not give a toss about Cyclists rights.
    My only hope is that if there was an Ethnic minority riding he challenges it on race grounds – forlorn hope I know.

  • Sean Grosvenor

    Well if this isn’t the local Round Table / Masons etc getting a community council chairman out of trouble I will eat my hat!!!

  • Chris Walters

    Note please, he hasn’t been “cleared”, they’ve just not decided to pursue prosecution. It’d be interesting to find out why… lack of evidence, too much bother, not serious enough – I think we should be told! If he’d cut the brake pipes on a car it would be a different story, no doubt, because someone might be hurt!

  • 4 punctures

    Class action lawsuit anyone?