Cycling Active website now live:

Cycling Active is the new magazine for people who love riding their bikes. With almost 40 pages of in depth product reviews from some of the most experienced cycling writers in the country, it’s the first place to go if you’re thinking of hitting the shops this summer.

From sportive bikes to sunglasses, shorts and bike locks – we’ve tested them so you know what to buy.

We’ve also got advice from top nutritionists on how to fuel your riding before during and after your ride; no matter what type of riding you do. Elsewhere in the new magazine is the best Rides section you’ll see in a cycling magazine. In this issue we feature rides in Warwickshire, the Wirral and Cheshire, Kent and Surrey and Yorkshire.

Each ride includes OS quality maps for you to use as well as a listing of eateries and bike shops in the area.

Also in the first edition of Cycling Active is:
– Become a rush hour rider
– Burning issue: training for weight loss
– Techniques for better climbing
– Beating neck pain
– Sportive calendar

Cycling Active September/October issue is available now from WHSmiths, major supermarkets and all good newsagents priced £3.99. You can also buy it direct.


Cycling Active Sept Oct 2009

How cycling is beating the recession


Cycling Active Sept Oct 2009

Seven of the best sunglasses on test. Rated by the experts


Cycling Active Sept Oct 2009

How to get the most out of your big day

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  • Denise

    My husband said why do you not put in the magazine about riding in the wet weather as he only rides when it is dry is there ant tips on riding in the rain

  • Robert Bridson

    I received an email from you (11th Jan) saying that my Cycling Active Magazine was delayed because of a dispute with Royal Mail. Today (29th Jan) I received the March issue but have still not received the previous issue.

    Could you please send me the February issue. I assume you will have my name and email address within your account records.


    Robert Bridson

  • Aura

    I have enjoyed reading Cycling Active, it’s nice to see a magazine not aimed at just the sporty type. Now would like to see the bike show in London do the same, went once and all it was aimed at was sports riders, and not families. Lots of people complained, and Im sure they would make more money at the show if they included families etc as well. Keep up the good work, may subscribe to this magazine.

  • Joanne Kinnaird from NEW ZEALAND

    Got to love Cycling Active. Infact I subscribe through our local magazine importer. I love your common sense articles and your very relatistic viewpoints on cycling. I am a overweight, over 45 year old woman who has had her life enriched beyond belief due to getting on my bike four months ago. I just have purchased my second bike – a roady/hybrid to commute to work which has transformed my life. The other thing that has improved is our relationship within our family. A family who cycles together has amazing conversations rolling along the road or path.
    Thank you for your useful tips and hints. I yearn to be able to ride from pub to pub, but over here it is cafes, for cake and coffee. I also love the daily commute that sets me on fire for the rest of the day.
    Keep up the good work. I love your magazine. It doesn’t discriminate against us oldie, out of shapers, who just love pedalling.
    Regards Jo from New Zealand.

  • David Whiteside

    Another good issue, although the silver rider who has been a life long runner was hardly representive of older returnees to the sport.
    THE RACK TEST; I have always lifted my bike , front wheel off in to the back of the pickup truck but after reading the rack test thought i would splash out for a roof mounted rack, possibly brave with a Ford Ranger pick up, however i’m 6′ 3″ so should be able to lift on top…..mmmmmm?
    So off to halfords to purchase the ” Best on a Budget” rack….’ out of stock sir’, ‘ but its freatured in Cycling Active’ i told the manager.
    After Pete (for it was he!), had phoned branches in Sheffield, doncaster, chesterfield one was located in a Nottingham branch, ” i’ll pick it up for you in the morning(sunday) and have it here for lunchtime.
    As good as his word it was there. “problem is sir its out of season for cycle racks” says Pete. Out of season????????????? Idid’nt reaslise thery where grown !!
    Altogether first class service from Halfords.

    Lets assemble it!
    cutting off the luxurious packing, a heat shrink poly bag, i was presented with a number of plastic knobs with plastic nuts and a simple instruction leaflet.
    the items in the bag did not match the instructions but it was hardly rocket sicience to work out where the bits went.
    On tightening up the first knob the plastic stripped away fron the steel nut preventing it being tightened correctly. mmmmm not good.
    A dig aroud in the shed produced a bag of M6 lock nuts and the knobs where replaced with ny-lock nuts at all locations.
    Although the use of the knobs allows roadside / carpark assembly the use of lock nuts results in a sturdier assembly and makes it considerably more thief proof!
    Excellent bit of kit, does what it says on the box.
    However, fitting the trim strips to each end of the wheel track resulted in a number of cuts and blood on the tailgate, but i’ve always been able to skilfully injure myself , whatever i do.

    Good review , good bit of kit at a price that frankley is peanuts. Go on spend £400 on a set of lights …… you know you want to.!!!!

  • David Whiteside

    I really enjoyed the latest edition of the mag. No stick insects in lycra with a pained expression on their faces, real people, real shapes and sizes and a lot of ‘mature’ cylclists featured. It was a breath of fresh air.


    £250 for a set of lights, bargin £1200pound bikes …. how i laughed … and the wife , and the lads at work that also read it whem i’ve finished with the mag!!

    I ride a ‘hybrid’ bike; after 20 years of time trialing i fancied a change of pace.

    SPEC.. Renyolds 531 DB frame, Decathlon bars and brake levers, Weinnman 500 brakes, campag record gears, SR crank with single 42 tooth cog, mavic / malliard wheels. ‘urban’ tyres.


    £81… the power of common sense .. and E-Bay.

    I know you have to generate most of you income from adverts and frankly a lot of the articals are thinly veiled ‘Advertorials’… but still a ‘right rivitting read’.

    8/10 ..see me later ….!


    Hi I have just come back from a tour of scotland and on my last cycling day I went from Edinburgh to Glasgow. First on the union canal to the Falkirk wheel, and then the forth & clyde canal to Glasgow. The union canal part of this journey was absolutely blinding and would make an excellent ride review for your cycling active mag. I am afraid I am not a good enough wordsmith to do this ride justice, but I would seriously recommend it to anyone. Cheers Bob.

    P.S. don’t forget your lights as on of the tunnels is dark and v long.

  • John Shepherd

    Hi to you all out there.I missed issue No 1 but was so taken by the fresh approach to the ordinary guy/gal on the bike that I ordered a back copy(I have been riding Big Boys Toys since 1959).My view has not changed and as a result I have not missed a copy since.However Cycling Weekly has its’ own Forum with input aimed at and by the fraternity that choose to follow that cycle path(pardon the pun).Why not a Forum for Cycling Active,after all as the CW riders get older they will have developed a more CA view of things and who knows may still pick-up a CW.I know ,’I am one of those older types’.At 65yrs old on the 14th (God Willing) I am long past,Head Down,sweating blood to emulate my heroes Tommy Simpson & Fausto Coppi.A feature,maybe once every 2or3 months on Used Bikes (bought from the Cycle Jungles of E’bay and the Classified Adds;would I am sure be well received by the less wealthy but equally enthusiastic of the hobby/interest.Not everyone at an Entry Level can nor maybe want to shell out £600.00 -£999.00 on a New Budget Steed.I bought a new 2009 Claud Butler Levante-Hybrid Road Bike.Then I saw a 2000/2001 Bianchi Gold Race 600 Reparto Corse on E’bay,I stole it at £190.00.I am lucky I knew what it was about,many don’t.It makes my Claud look an lot of money at £404.00 (discounted price).That sort of price range for new; would make an interesting Newbie Read article/feature.

    Happy & Safe Cycling to You All.

  • jason prior

    I have been waiting for about 7 weeks to receive a copy. Phone subscriptions twice and still no mag, might have to cancel subs

  • David Roberts

    Great mag – but where is the link for the competitions?


  • samuel matthew

    hello sir
    i am so happy that i browse through your web site today and i will like to know from you sir if you can ship that your store cyclist magazing to one of my friends in nigeria because he is one of does cyclist over there and i will like to here more from you back to my request befor i can now order it in you store sir.

  • Guy C

    Love reading it…but being from Canada, we get it a month or so after release in UK. And you guys over there have a much larger choice of great bikes! I’m jealous….

  • Mark Wade

    This magazine is fantastic and find it a real motivation to myself to keep biking ang great tips to gain speed and also look after my body.
    With me biking John O Groats to Lands End on the 26th June I have found this the perfect magazine to sit back and relax and read up on other peoples adventures and stories.
    Ive subcribed to CA and just received my FREE Altura jacket which is excellent.
    Thanks guys keep up the good work.

  • Tommy Milne

    hi just a wee note two say great mag. may 2010 have read it 3 times front two back will treat myself two next ones i see all the best for the rest of the year.

  • gregory francis

    I like the magazine allot, however I find the nutrional blurbs infuriating. Just as Seinfeld was a show about nothing, so your articles seem to be stories about nothing. I gain absolutley no insight into nutrition from these articles and thety just seem to be ill informed gossip or tittle tattle. Couldnt your get an expert to write something on Paleo diets or food for refueling instead of looking in our cupboard and dragging out old, boring stereotypes and useless information such as Chocolate is bad for you.
    It is strange as some of your bike reviews are well informed, but your nutrional ones are garbage.

    I do like reading about everday cyclists more than I like reading about what shampoo Bradley WIggins is using or what tracks Rebecca Romero has on her IPOD. I would like to read more about Cylco sportives and real peoples view on the race.



  • Cliff Campbell

    What an excellent magazine you have! I’ve bought all 3 issues so far, and each one has been even better than the last. As a born-again fortysomething commuter cyclist I find that the content is exactly what I’m looking for, and the quality of the writing in the features is superb. The only area where personally I’d like to see more emphasis is on the mechanical side. I’m interested in buying a frame and compatible components and assembling them into a road or cyclocross commuting bike and afterwards servicing and maintaining it, so if you could run maybe a series of articles in future issues covering all this, it would be brilliant. Thanks to all of you for producing something so good that I look forward to it weeks in advance as no doubt many other people do. Keep up the great work!

  • Dawn Hutt

    I am trying to subscribe to Cycling Active for one year as a Christmas present, but cannot find anywhere that does it. Can anyone help? Thanks

  • Brian Field

    I purchased the 1st edition of Cycling Active and search each month for it on the shelves, i even looked to subscribe to it which i have not done with any of the 8 magazines i buy each month.
    The articles are great information provided is great and i love sitting reading cover to cover everytime.

  • Richard Norman

    just bought the new magazine and I find it impressive and good quality. You can tell it is published by the same people as “Cycling Weekly”. I think the magazine will need to find it’s true identity, otherwise it it will be too similar to buying four issues of Cycling Weekly. Whether there is room for both only time will tell, I suppose. It is less elitist and fashion conscious than the other mags, which for me is a good thing. Good luck!

  • andrew stannard

    As a newcomer to this thing called road biking i love the magazine bought a trek 1.2 on the strength of the review and love it cant get enough well written and cracking reviews

  • Leigh Coulson

    Nice read, good range of content. I’m a recent and relatively late recruit to the cycling community and the mag appears to be pitched about right (for me anyway). For the keen ordinary cylclist, if there is such a thing. Good start.

  • Dan Gregory

    I still haven’t seen it in any newspaper shop or supermarket

  • Graeme Bailey

    Hi Cycling Weekly/Active,

    I sent a few page journal to you two weeks ago and asked would you be interested in talking to us about our Rome to Home charity ride that 15 cyclists from the Window Industry all in our late 40s early 50s will be completing over 9 days in June 2010.

    I’ve heard nothing and am starting to feel that cycling weekly/active is only interested in cycling anoraks rather than real life stories. The vast majority of your readers won’t get to do these rides and we can tell them all about it.


    Graeme Bailey

  • simon reberga

    Hey dear cyclist friends !

    Have a look at our new website about informations and products range. (we put an ad within the new Cycling active mag , looks great !)

    And…have a good bike ride by the way !!!

    Kind regards

  • David James

    From the point of view of a novice, “born again” cyclist, this magazine is perfect for de-mystifying the jargon and explaining the technology. I read it cover to cover and wanted more – a year ago I would have laughed in the face of anyone who suggested I even buy a bike mag!

    Looking forward to October’s edition

  • Mike Moulsley

    Congratulations on the first issue Cycling Active.
    I’ve been a keen road cyclist for a few years (since riding Lands End to John O’groats for charity) but don’t do competative events and don’t consider myself an expert in the finer points of chainrings etc.
    This magazine appeals to me as it seems to aimed at normal people rather than “Le Tour” hopefuls.
    I realise that you’re never going to please all the people all the time, but I’ll buy the magazine again for sure.

  • Peter Riddell

    I am interested in reading any new cycling publication, however I cannot find anyone who stocks Cycling Active in the north east. I have just popped into WHSmiths before catching a train and it had no fewer than 9 seperate cycling magazines on offer but no Cycling Active, the staff just looked at me blankly when I asked if they had it. For the record I have also tried Tesco and a number of large newsagents who always have copies of the comic and Cycle Sport available, but no joy!

  • Simon Bean

    Thoroughly enjoyed the first issue of the magazine, especially the feature on Sportives. I currently use a Giant Defy 2 for my 10 mile commute in spring/summer/autumn and will switch back to my Dawes Discovery 601 for the winter. I would be particularly interested in a ‘grouptest’ of £1000 CycloCross bikes as I would like to replace the Discovery. Any possibility of this happening in future issues?

    Keep up the good work and roll on issue 2.

  • John Wakeman

    As a relatively new cycling addict, I’ve been looking for a magazine like this for some time – one that is clearly aimed not just at more experienced cyclists but also at people who, like me, don’t have so much interest in cycling as a spectator sport, but want to find a way into the world of cycling. I’ve found this first issue helpful – particularly the articles on how to ride more efficiently, the best things to eat and drink and so forth. It also opened up the whole area of sportives, which I’d been unaware of before – I’ve already started following parts of a local route from a link in the magazine, with a view to entering next year. No doubt it will need to be tweaked – I too was a bit surprised at the low profile given to women cyclists / gear. But overall, a great new magazine.

  • J Corr

    As someone who is new to road bikes I really enjoyed the first issue of the magazine – very useful and informative. I have found other magazines too ready to assume that I already know the difference between triple and standard bikesets and what sort of stem is de rigeur; and no I can’t climb hills and yes my husband always gets neck strain on long bikes rides (and is an obsessive tech bore) – so all in all many of your articles this month were very suited. One thing though – you seem to be too male-centric; a lot of women cycle and our shorts and saddles are built slightly differently – gear reports could feature both separately (see Country Walking magazine gear guides for an idea) and please don’t assume I just want to see pink flowery cycling gear either! Looking forward to the next issue !

  • darren jarman

    Hello. I have bought your new mag which I think is great. However, I have just had a panic as you have the date for the Trans Cambrian Sportive as the 13th Sept when in fact I belive its the weekend befor on the 6th Sept.

  • michelle dowdle

    This is just more bike porn as I call it – lots of pictures and facts and stats, and not much about issues which really concern us.

    Given that there are a plethora of websites with bike reviews and product tests, why would we want another publication with exactly more of the same – Bring us a mag which focusses on the real issues and how we can oourselves make an real impact!!!! –

  • Wayne Nicholson

    My wife and I are Canadian and we appreciate the work that Cycling Weekly has done to encourage the bicyclists of the world. We are are also looking foward to picking up the new Cyclcing Active!