How to put your chain back on

Struggled to get your chain back on after it has fallen off? Always manage to make a mess of yourself too? Well Cycling Weekly's resident mechanic Kaye Patton gives us five easy steps to get you back on your way.

Having your chain come off mid-ride is a bit of a nuisance, and getting it back on, for the fingers of clumsy folk, can be a fairly hairy procedure. Here’s a quick guide to keeping your digits safe.

1. First of all — while you’re still moving — if your chain has come off the smaller chainring at the front, use your gear lever to move the front derailleur to the big ring position. If you’re lucky you, might be able to pedal the chain back on.

2. If that doesn’t work, hop off the bike and use your gear levers to move the derailleurs to the positions of the smallest sprocket at the back and the smallest chainring at the front.

3. Push the rear derailleur forward with your left hand, giving the chain some slack. We want as much loose chain as possible so that our fingers aren’t nibbled.

4. Using your right hand, lift the top of the chain so it sits on the small chainring.

5. Let go of the rear derailleur and the chain should be reseated.