Bicycle maintenance books: Seven of the best


Knowledge is power, a wise old cyclist once said. So when it comes to swotting up on first class fettling and learning your ferrules from your freewheels, we've found seven paper paths to enlightenment

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Van Der Plas, bicycle maintenance books

Bicycle Repair, Rob Van Der Plas

We review Bicycle Repair by Rob Van Der Plas



Bicycle Maintenance, bicycle maintenance books

The Ultimate Guide to Bike Maintenance and Upgrades, Guy Andrews & Stuart Clapp

We review 'The Ultimate Guide to Bike Maintenance and Upgrades' by Guy Andrews & Stuart Clapp



Big Blue Book, bicycle maintenance books

Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair, C Calvin Jones

We review 'Park Tool Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair' by C Calvin Jones



Bicycle Repair Manual, bicycle maintenance books

Bike Repair Manual, Chris Sidwells

We review the 'Bike Repair Manual' by Chris Sidwells



Zinn, bicycle maintenance books

Zinn and the Art of Bike Maintenance, Lennard Zinn

We review 'Zinn and the Art of Bike Maintenance' by Lennard Zinn



Haynes, bicycle maintenance books

Haynes The Bike Book ? Complete bike maintenance, Mark Storey

We review 'Haynes The Bike Book ? Complete bike maintenance' by Mark Storey



Bicycle Repair for Dummies, bicycle maintenance books

Bike Repair and Maintenance for Dummies, Dennis Bailey

We review 'Bike Repair and Maintenance for Dummies' by Dennis Bailey




Despite the plethora of bike standards and the constant turnover and trickle-down of fancy new parts, bicycles remain, at heart, rather simple creatures. Because of this, total maintenance newbies may be comfortable with a simple, straightforward guide to the basic concepts, such as Haynes and For Dummies.

Remember, you can always check YouTube and manufacturers? own websites for extra instructions and videos to ?top up? your knowledge on individual manufacturer standards.

Nevertheless, the stand-out book here was Lennard Zinn?s excellent Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance. It manages to be all-encompassing enough for the beginner without patronising the more advanced fettler.

It?s text dense, but the writing style is both clear and digestible. OK, it?s one just for the roadies, but for off-road rangers, there?s also a Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance.

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan
Michelle Arthurs-Brennan

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