An urban cyclist records his battles with tourists, pedestrians and even brides and grooms on a trip across New York's Brooklyn Bridge

Think of New York and you’ll likely think of a few famous landmarks – the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building or the Brooklyn Bridge. Then you may think how wonderful it would be to ride your bike round the city and over the iconic bridge.

Well you may think otherwise after watching the above video, where a very angry cyclist filmed his journey across the bridge and his battle with tourists, people on telephones and people who just aren’t looking where they’re going.

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The New York City authorities have painted a thick white line down the middle of the bridge’s footpath, designating where cyclists should go and where pedestrians should walk – but this doesn’t help when people are trying to take photos at every possible opportunity.

There was even one couple getting married on the bridge – on the cycle lane, obviously – which really got the cyclist’s goat.

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Undoubtedly the best part of the video is the running commentary the rider gives, as he mumbles expletives at people who get in his path.

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Such a rich town and the authorities don’t want to put money into
    building a proper bridge. Obviously the bridge is iconic and people have
    some great views for pix (or so they think) and both pedestrians and
    bike lanes are sooooo narrow.

    As the bike lane is empty most of
    the time, people tend to think there will be no bikes coming. You must
    slow down when passing them, otherwise, sooner or later someone will
    unexpectedly step on your path just when you are passing by.

    time to make a petition for auth. to enlarge the bridge or make a new
    one. In the mean time, get a bell, ding, ding or ring ring and people
    will jump out of the way.

    Thanks for the vid anyway. After watching it, I don’t feel like going to NY to ride on this bridge…

  • Crydda

    This guy comes across as a total pillock, with his overinflated sense of entitlement. it’s attitudes like his that get cyclists a bad name.

  • Rob King

    Interesting….. he has disdain for anyone in the bike lane, but at 2:41 he comes across two people on Citibikes stopped in the bike lane taking photos and he doesn’t say a word.

    I wonder if he has Aspergers……

  • Berth Ljunggren

    Love the horn on his bike 🙂 thank god i live in an area where i have old highways with little traffic to ride on for miles and miles.

  • Del_Varner

    Perhaps, the “iconic” style markings are not enough. They are painted on the path. May big a BIKE LANE. I’m not excusing the pedestrians. He should ride some of the rails to trails out here in the midwest and deal with idiots who let their dogs walk on the other side of the path and so the leash cuts across the whole path, or the roller bladers who take up the whole path, and the idiots who have their earbuds in and their music turned way up, so they cannot even hear you shout or you bell (you need an airhorn).

  • John Westwell

    The couple in wedding clothes probably weren’t getting married. Apparently, Chinese couples dress in wedding gear and photograph themselves in different iconic locations, then sell the photos to their guests when they actually get married back home.