A petition, which has the support of an MP and over 100 signatures, has caused a stir in the time trial community in Staffordshire and Derbyshire

Time-trial cyclists in Staffordshire and Derbyshire are the subject of a petition that has garnered the support of an MP and over 100 signatures.

The A50 is regularly used as a competitive route in time-trials and for training runs. Though legal to ride on the stretch road, Uttoexeter resident Amanda Brooks is encouraging the Department of Transport (epetitions.direct.gov.uk) to stop cyclists using the A50 for competitions.

Two years ago a rider was involved in a fatal collision with a HGV on the road and Andrew Griffiths, Burton and Uttoexeter’s Conservative MP, has called for better signage to be introduced when races are happening.

He said: “If the road had signs saying that cycling was taking place at the very least it would warn drivers as you are driving along that all of sudden there is a large group of cyclists. You are on them very quickly and some do wobble about and the drivers have to swerve to give them plenty of space.”

Cycling Time Trials, the body that runs TTs, have reiterated that it is legal to cycle on the A50 and local cycling groups have called for careful driving to minimize the risk of accidents.

  • fredflint

    I see she has managed a stunning 124 signatures so far. I’ve race on this road, in Stone Wheelers organised events. I felt safer than on most single-carriageway A-roads I race on (e.g. J4/16, the Prees courses), and I must single out the Stone Wh people for being absolutely brilliant marshals in their races- they not only point out the route but give clear indications of whether the road is clear when approaching roundabouts etc. I don’t know if they get special training, but whoever is in charge does a great job.

  • Richard Johnson

    It is a photo of Dr Hutch competing in the National 25 TT in 2011, which took place in Holsworthy in Devon about 250 miles away from the A50 bypass around Uttoxeter. So not the best picture for this article. At least it is a picture of a TT though.

  • “all of sudden there is a large group of cyclists” that isn’t going to be time trialists then is it! “and some do wobble” yes, I do, on purpose because if I’m on a narrow bit of road with blind corners and the car comming up behind me doesn’t sound like it’s slowing down a little wobble is usualy enough to grab their attention. Finaly, does anyone know why TT courses have a code rather than a name, and why you have to by the RTTC handbook to get the course details? Banning TT’s has been done before, it didn’t stop it then, it won’t stop it now.

  • avlowe

    Indeed I’d question that I occasionally use the A50 between Stoke on Trent and Leicester. Between the junction with the A500 and the shared section with the A6 to join the M1 (J24 Kegworth) it is a dual carriageway all the way, and it reconnects as a dual Carriageway at J22 (Markfield), all the way to Leicester, so unless this is a de-trunked section, no longer part of the A50, the picture is completely unrepresentative of the A50. Might it be the A512 between Derby and Uttoxeter?

  • avlowe

    Time triallers wobble – are we talking about the same thing here? You are upon them very fast… but … they travel so quickly – come on which is it? A 25mph rider is not a broken down vehicle or item lying in the road, and as a competent driver you should be driving ‘at a speed from which you can stop in the distance you can see to be clear’

    Maybe a call for more rigorous eyesight testing of drivers?

  • David Ritchie

    I have to agree, 70 mph dual carriageway is no place for cyclists

  • Question is the photo shown in this article actually the A50 ?

  • I would be very surprised if this petition got anywhere, mind you it would be great if Cycling Weekly could investigate this story a bit further and get an interview with Amanda Brooks to see why she really wants to stop the TTs. Are there real concerns due to the sad death of a rider ? Should the events be stopped and a safer course be found ! Also why is Andrew Griffths insinuating that car drivers that have to swerve to avoid cyclists on the roads is the cyclists fault ? Has his words been taken out of context, or is this another foolish comment from a Parliamentarian that should be one more nail in the coffin of his exit from his position in government ? Can you investigate further CW ?