Simon Richardson (
Sigma Sport-Specialized)
soloed to win the Tour of the Reservoir, the opening race in the 2010 Premier Calendar series, in the North-East on Sunday.

Richardson attacked the bunch within the final two laps of the 87-mile (140km) race around the vast Derwent Reservoir. He fought hard to stay away, and clinched the win 54 seconds ahead of second-placed Ian Wilkinson (Endura) and Sweden’s Nicolas Gustavsson (Team Sprocket ProCycling) in third.

The Premier Calendar resumes on Saturday April 3 with the three-day Tour Doon Hame, Dumfries in Scotland.

Tour of the Reservoir 2010
1. Simon Richardson (Sigma Sport-Specialized) in 3-57-08

2. Ian Wilkinson (Endura) at 54secs
3. Nicolas Gustavsson (Team Sprocket ProCycling)
4. Marcin Bialoblocki ( Ciclismo) at same time
5. Tobyn Horton (Team Sprocket ProCycling) at 2-10

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  • anorak

    After an excellent preview this is a very disappointing report of the leading professional road race in the country that day.
    This reads like a summarised rehash of someone else’s report. The problem with that is that it relies on the original source being accurate which is not always the case.

  • Marty McCrossan

    The rider in 5th place is actually Tobyn Horton of Team Sprocket ProCycling