Czech Republic-based bike manufacturer Superior has incurred the wrath of cyclists worldwide after making a host of seriously sexist remarks in its blurb for its new women’s mountain bike.

Superior claim that female cyclists ‘do not generally need to push their limits’ and that they ‘just want to enjoy the time spent in nature’ when they ride downhill trails.

The blurb reads: “Female cyclists do not generally need to push their limits, race against time and increase their adrenaline when riding rough downhill trails.

“They just want to enjoy the time spent in nature on the bike, and their expectations from the bike are completely diff erent than men’s. They look mainly for safe, easy and, of course, stylish bikes that have good and natural handling.”

Unsurprisingly, and justifiably, this hasn’t gone down too well, with cyclists taking to Twitter to share their surprise and distaste for the context of the blurb.

Here are some of the best tweets.

1. Professional rider Kathryn Bertine has long been an advocate of equal opportunities for female cyclists, including lobbying for a female version Tour de France in recent years.

2. Jaymi took a medical view of the situation.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.30.27

3. While Emily was getting tired with having to push her limits all the time.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.30.58

4. Unfortunately, Rebecca, this doesn’t appear to be a joke.

5. It wasn’t just Twitter where Superior Bikes were taking a bit of a kicking.

6. Kat Simpson pulls out a few more gender stereotypes just for good measure.

7. And Mark Nicol delves into the Superior marketing strategy.

What are your thoughts?

  • David Barnett

    Some of the comments are a bit strange or ill informed. A Doris is a slang derogatory term for a woman and female specific bikes are necessary as women have different body measurement ratios to men

  • Nubes1

    LMAO!! hilarious!


    how’s it hanging these days Jayboi? Good to see you’re still the same sack o’ sh*t you’ve always been. Was it uncle Greville’s visits to the showers that made entirely worthless? Guess he did the world the a favour really.

  • andrewkewley

    Sounds like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Tell women they can’t ride hard, don’t sell them bikes that allow them to ride hard and then wonder why they aren’t riding hard? Seems like a terrible strategy if you want to sell more than one bike.

  • Jon

    Flaming Norah, are you still at it? I think everone’s moved on! I’ve not read the two posts above properly as I’m sure it’s a contination of the earlier twaddle, but I hope you had fun writing them.

    Regarding sources, I meant impartial, empirical evidence, not opinions from the right wing press, where I’m sure your own stance seems relatively sane. You have some well rehearsed arguments as one would expect of a politically motivated activist, but they don’t stand up to scrutiny.

    Re. your parting comment,
    Jon: women … get harassed by idiots just for walking down the street
    Riggah: “Harassed”? You mean experiencing LIFE
    Jon: And you are in favour of sexual harassment? Nice.
    Riggah: Now you are just being silly.
    Err… no, I was referring to what you wrote, which implies women should put up with sexual harrassment.

  • Riggah

    Setting aside the rights or wrongs of the subject matter, it is actually a very poorly written item, lacking in any objectivity or balance.

  • gwvanderleun

    Superior’s right and telling the truth about the nature of women in general. (Exceptions excepted but they are rare.) Too by Stuart and the other “editors of Cycling Weekly” are dickless in this regard. Unwuss yourselves guys and take a stand for the truth for a change.

  • Riggah

    It’s a shame that this page won’t allow me to post links, because I tried to post a number of sources. Never mind, just google ‘gender pay gap myth’ for hours of enlightening reading.

    You seem to believe that because there are “LAWS” then bad things shouldn’t happen and won’t happen. This is extremely naïve and dangerous. Should I have to wear a helmet whilst riding? In a perfect world, no! But I am all too aware that there drivers out there who range from the outright aggressive through to the distracted and inattentive, so I take whatever precautions I think I need to to stay alive. That is, I take some responsibility for myself and encourage my family to do the same because laws do not and cannot protect us every minute of the day, particularly as there are many people out there who have no respect for the law. The world is not perfect and never will be. Get over it and live the best life you can without looking for reasons to embrace victimhood and be miserable.

    “And you are in favour of sexual harassment? Nice.”
    Now you are just being silly.

  • Yitzhak Isaac Goldstein

    I was going to respond to this pile of trash pandering to feminazis’ whining, but you’ve basically nailed it.

  • Treadlie rider

    It’s NOT a women’s specific bike anyway.. it comes with a seat.

  • Lana Voreskova

    Meh: More whining about “sexism” from the perpetually offended brigade.

    Here is my tip for female cyclists. Buy a rugged mountain bike and push yourself to the limits if you like. Buy a stylish “lady’s” bicycle with a large basket and cycle around town in a flowery dress with a couple of baguettes protruding from the basket, if you like.

    Don’t worry about “sexist” adds. Everything is “sexist.” We are a sexually dimorphic species. Get over it. Have you ever seen an advertisement for a product targeting men that wasn’t “sexist?”

    Just for the record and I just looked this up; there is no rule preventing women from competing in the Tour de France. If she can make the qualifying times, she can compete. There used to be a woman’s tour, with shorter stages, but it was cancelled because of lack of interest from fans and lack of sponsorship. That is not some sinister conspiracy. Its just business.

    If a group of female cyclists want to get together and revive the woman’s tour, then they need to stop whining about “sexism,” stop demanding that someone else do it for them, and do it themselves. But that would involve a long hard campaign to attract sponsorship and drum up interest.

    I guess whining about an add in a magazine is easier.

  • Riggah

    Is it? By the way, I am neither shouting nor frothing at the mouth.
    For your information “less pay” is illegal and has been for many years. “Fewer opportunities”, really? Have a look at which gender makes up the greater number of unemployed and homeless. The whole gender ‘pay gap’ issue is a myth that is frequently debunked. You CAN be a bloke AND a feminist! (They’re called ‘manginas’).
    “Harassed”? You mean experiencing LIFE, which means understanding that there are bad people out there and unpleasant moments as a result, always have been, always will be and it is next to futile to try to eradicate that. It’s how we learn to deal with the unpleasant aspects of LIFE that makes us better people. That is what I taught my kids of both genders.
    Anyhow, this has been fun. I’m off for a ride!

  • Jon

    The ‘usual suspects’ is bandied about a lot by people with a right wing agenda, isn’t it? You seem to be shouting now, by the way, and I thought you were the reasonable one. And now you think I’m some kind of cyclops? I suppose I called you a troll and a dinosaur so that’s only fair. I don’t know what your notion of a feminist is, but I just want a level playing field for men and women; I suspect that, if you’re in the habit of attacking what you see as misguided political correctness, you probably butt up against the more radical types. I’m not a feminist per se, I’m a bloke for starters – but I can see that women still have fewer opportunities, less pay, get harassed by idiots just for walking down the street etc. and they have my full support in trying to redress this imbalance.

  • Riggah

    As I stated elsewhere, there is NO WAY a men-only cycling show would even be considered, and we all know why; protests and ‘outrage’ from the usual suspects who see no problem with a women-only show. Therefore, DOUBLE STANDARDS! It is well documented that gender-specific products and gender-specific advertising works many times better when targeted at women as against those targeted than men. Add pink packaging and claim it’s for ‘women only’ and sales will rocket despite the fact that an identical non-gender specific product will often be cheaper. So when you claim ‘sexism’ you have to look at it with BOTH eyes open if you want to be taken seriously.
    Finally, your ‘one-eyedness’ has confused you. I am most definitely NOT anti-women (I love ’em!) but I am fervently anti-feminist. There is a huge difference. If you yourself are against oppression and hegemony then you too are against feminism because feminism no longer has anything to do with equality despite feminists constantly parroting its outdated and wholly inaccurate dictionary definition.

  • Jon

    Accusing women of double standards for seeking kickstarter funding for a tv show, saying they will buy anything specifically aimed at them (as if they are incapable of thinking for themselves) and that they ‘protest too much’ if they dare to point out that some marketing copy falls short of an accurate portayal of female cyclists… the fact that you seem to pop up at the end of every article about women with a pre-emptive strike to sell your notion of a ‘free society’, rid of outdated concepts like sexism (and by extension, presumably racism, homophobia etc.) – that’s anti-women.

    My prejudice, if you can call it that, is a dislike of small mindedness, of injustice maintained by people who see themselves as benefitting from a status quo which leaves others with a raw deal. Oppression and hegemony are not the foundations of a free society.

  • Riggah

    “Anti-women”? “Belittling women”?
    Where? How? So in addition to trying to insult me, you now accuse me of something for which there is no evidence.
    Your prejudices are showing!

  • Singular Sam

    Not too surprising – isn’t this the company which always has a barechested woman being painted in their team kit at eurobike every year?

  • Jon


  • Jon

    Actually that was a pithy observation about your anti-women comments, and a way of testing whether you’re belittling women for some kind of gratification from the responses. You may think you sound very rational but it reads as though you are positively frothing at the mouth with malevolent glee.

  • Riggah

    There it is, the insult! The stereotypical response from someone who has run out of rational arguments. Didn’t take long, did it?

  • skelto99

    Well all this has certainly got Superior some free advertising I bet they weren’t bargaining on. I for one had never heard of them before it all this kicked off. There’s no such thing as bad publicity as the old adage goes.

  • David Mckinnon

    whatever gets you through the night dude.
    If thats what it takes to keep your fragile ego in one piece, then go for it.

  • David Mckinnon

    Times from the EWS at Glentress and Innerleithen last week.
    E1 Women winner – Tracy Mosely – 37:17
    E1 Men Winner – Justion Leov – 32:23
    E1 Men Under 21 Winner – Reece Wilson – 34:08
    E1 Men over 40 Winner – Crawford Carrick Anderson – 36:08
    Not that much in it, really. Specially over a 2 day, multi stage Enduro race. However, yes, the Elite female winner is slower than the Elite male winners.
    Well done you, bask in the reflected glory of your gender.

    Tracy was still faster than all of the non pro men who entered though. Faster than you too.

  • Aperson

    Poor old expert men, all but the top 4 at the last BDS were schooled by the Youth men’s winner, so they’re obviously not racing hard either. I’ll let Manon and Rach know you think they look like men, they’ll be stoked. #troll

  • David Mckinnon

    Well…that escalated quickly!

  • Gwenn Farrell

    It makes sense to have an option for those who like slower safer riding, what makes it sexist is the assumption that those people are all women and only women.

  • RE

    I think it’s hilarious, and I am a woman who likes to ride hard.

  • King Boonen

    Pretty sure that’s just a joke from David…

  • Jon

    I didn’t know it was possible to simultaneously be a troll and a dinosaur, but I think you’ve nailed it.

  • Jon

    Yes, they are so wrong to be angry about having to put up with these attitudes, and well done for picking up on it, you’re a credit to right thinking menfolk everywhere. The bunting is out in the valley of the dinosaurs tonight.

  • David Mckinnon

    “You know what you remind me of, the dude who keeps trying to f*ck me in
    the a** because his “last girlfriend loved it”… and he keeps trying
    to do it… and no matter how many time I tell him, I don’t like it, he
    persists to tell me “No, you must like it because my last girlfriend
    love it!”… ugh.. no dude, not all women are the same and no, not all
    women are your wife…”
    Well…that escalated quickly!

  • Jon

    I pity your wife. I’m guessing she’s at home hoovering the cave while you do your important man things.

  • Jon

    It’s a shame that these articles provoke comments from misogynists and people who see their wife as “the little woman”. It adds insult to injury when women have to defend themselves against ignorant individuals airing their views as well as put up with the kind of nonsense this company came out with. Riggah’s comments on the women’s TV show kickstarter article suggest he’s on a continuing mission to keep women in what he perceives to be their place.

  • Adrien

    You are a charmer. Back under your rock now, little troll.

  • Wames

    It’s comments like yours that make me sad for the human race. You do understand that not all woman are your wife, right? I mean really, you do get that? We’re are not all the same person. The ad makes a sweeping generalization about women that is utterly off-base. Some women like to poodles along, while others (lots of others) do not. I ride, hard, aggressive and currently race cross country & cyclocross. I used to race downhill. I like to ride so hard you can’t talk because you are breathing too hard. I ride with lots of other women, who like me, ride hard and race even harder. We are not your wife, just to make that clear. Nothing like your wife in fact. So no, the ad is not correct, women as a whole are not your wife and they are not like the description.

    You know what you remind me of, the dude who keeps trying to f*ck me in the a** because his “last girlfriend loved it”… and he keeps trying to do it… and no matter how many time I tell him, I don’t like it, he persists to tell me “No, you must like it because my last girlfriend love it!”… ugh.. no dude, not all women are the same and no, not all women are your wife…

  • King Boonen

    Actually yes, it is perfectly ok. They are making a personal decision to do it, just like Gee does and Brandon Semenuk and all the other guys you will see wandering around shirtless in the downhill pits or on video at Redbull rampage digs or around the bars in Whistler. If they don’t want to do it they don’t. This is not about personal choice, it’s about a company pushing outdated, sexist stereotypes on a section of the population that already have to deal with idiots just to do a sport they love.

  • Sarah Wylie

    Seriously? The moon phase. Get back under your rock.

  • King Boonen

    Sarah is spot on here, it’s utterly disgusting that companies think this kind of marketing is acceptable.

  • Adrien

    You are missing my point. I’m not saying that I think there shouldn’t be women-specific bikes, I’m saying that “female cyclists ‘do not generally need to push their limits’” is condescending as is a lot of the women-specific efforts the cycling industry comes up with. (Giant named their women’s bikes The Lust and The Obsess. Please.) That ad copy reads like something from the Onion. Of COURSE there should be bikes for the casual rider (men and women) but do they have to be so incredibly condescending?

  • Sarah Wylie

    spot on!

  • Sarah Wylie

    Haha. free society, insecure busybodies.. shush women, get back to the kitchen and stop riding bikes in the mountains, it’s just not ladylike!

  • Sarah Wylie

    Oh yes, silly me. Their marketing is spot on for the general public and I am the minority. I think the backlash against Superior shows that this is not the case. They do not say Some women, or some people, they are generalising all women being like your wife, and this is wrong.

  • Riggah

    So ….. if you choose to buy a non-female specific bike then ALL women should make the same choice? And if “All of the women I know who ride are kick-ass cyclists” then that means that there cannot possibly be any women who do not want to “push their limits”?
    I’m glad that you made your position clear.
    I get a strong vibe that those who object to this ad are insecure busybodies who wish to impose their will upon others. This sort of obsession is not conducive to a free society.

  • Sarah Wylie

    Yes, only female athletes pose… ever seen Gee Atherton with his kit off on a bike? He has been in more than one gratuitous semi naked pic.

  • Sarah Wylie

    I think you’re confusing your wife with ALL women. SOME women like a gentle pootle, as do SOME men.

  • Adrien

    Wrong. I deliberately didn’t buy a women’s specific mountain bike because they’re generally ugly and I find the “shrink it and pink it” philosophy to be condescending at best. Instead, I bought a mountain bike. Not a dude bike or a lady bike, just a really freaking cool XC hardtail. That ad copy IS sexist. All of the women I know who ride are kick-ass cyclists who definitely push their limits.

  • Gary Jogela

    Is it ok for female race teams to pose for photographs,immediately prior to a race,as if they are modelling?i don’t think so.

  • Riggah

    ‘Sexist’, one of the most abused and over used words in PC language.

    If Superior Bikes has got it so wrong then their sales will reflect that, but I don’t believe that they have got it wrong. Women will buy anything specifically aimed at them. As for the reaction, it’s a case of “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”