Pressure is mounting on Mayor of London Boris Johnson to urgently adopt a new road safety strategy after Friday saw the 16th cyclist killed on London roads this year.

Eleanor Carey, 22 from Guernsey, died on Friday after colliding with a lorry at the junction of Abbey Street and Tower Bridge Road – a noted accident blackspot for cyclists.

London Cycling Campaign (LCC) has called for Johnson to adopt the ‘Vision Zero’ scheme pioneered in Sweden, according to the Evening Standard today.

“Tower Bridge Road is a busy road,” LCC spokesperson Mike Cavenett told the Standard. “When you ask people to share space with fast-moving vehicles this is what happens. The question is why are there so many cycling casualties full-stop. Sweden has a zero-fatality policy, this is where London should be heading. The number of deaths is unacceptable.” 

Transport for London are currently undertaking a widescale review of London’s road network to formulate a plan to increase cyclists’ safety in the capital.

In October, Min Joo Lee was killed after being hit by a lorry near King’s Cross Station at another known blackspot.

In late November, a report on Britain’s road infrastructure and cyclist safety commissioned by the Department for Transport concluded that several areas could be greatly improved to increase safety of cyclists, not least reducing the speed of motor vehicles in key areas.

According to LCC, large lorries are involved in over half of cyclist fatalities in London despite only making up five per cent of the total traffic volume.

LCC has organised a petition calling for improved large vehicle dirver training via its No More Lethal Lorries initiative.

On Wednesday, the London Assembly will discuss a motion put forward by Jenny Jones (Green Party) and Val Shawcross (Labour) to scrutinise cyclist accident blackspots and propose redesigning the road infrastructure in these areas. The motion was proposed before Carey’s death.

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  • Badger

    Re Pauls comments – I ride a bike or a motorbike depending on the weather for my commute to work – he’s right were all the same – a life, with no protection and very little rubber in contact with the ground = very vulnerable.

    Its all very well calling for better Training for HGV and car drivers, but you dont even have to pass a cycling proficiency test these days to ride a bike.

    Even with 26 years of road sense, passing a driving test and a motorbike test I still slipstream buses and HGVs – I wouldnt dream of doing this in a car or a motorbike. We all do bloody stupid things.

    If were going to use the road, cyclists need to behave too, this will give us more respect coupled with a vulnerability awareness campaign we might start getting somewhere.

    Alot of it is drivers attitude to cyclists.

  • paul

    RIP. Tragic.
    Why do motorcyclists get nationwide safety campaigns aimed at making drivers more aware of them yet cyclists get nothing but increasing fatalities?

  • Mark S

    Now we just have to wait for some action, unfortunately I fear it’s going to take more then “keeping your wits about you” and better education for HGV’s when you have space shared by the rather large and the rather small then something has to break!

    Lets just hope that a serious review happens and the recommendations are actually acted on for a change rather then being brushed aside as it may effect “smooth traffic flow” otherwise these unfortunate deaths will all be for nothing.