PROLIFIC time trial record breaker Michael Hutchinson has spoken of his surprise that he set a new 10-mile competition record on Sunday, when he lowered his own record to 17-45 on the V718 in East Yorkshire.

Hutchinson, 38 and based in London, slashed 12 seconds from his own two-year-old record in the Team Swift charity 10, despite it being only his second ride in two months after a hectic summer of work commitments.

“I wasn’t running a stop watch so I didn’t know that I had done the record until I got back to the HQ,” he said afterwards. “It wasn’t my aim to go for the record, I’ve had quite a distracted summer with working at the Tour and the Olympics, so I was only going there for a race, not for a record.”

Hutchinson worked on these events for both Eurosport and Cycling Weekly as well as various punditry roles on TV on radio. On Friday he made several news appearances to discuss the latest Lance Armstrong developments.   

“I’ve only done one race since June, at Blenheim Palace last week, so I wasn’t thinking about going particularly fast,” he said. “Clearly it was a decent day so I wanted to press on, but it was more about beating the other guys there than going for the record.

“I was expecting to be about 30 seconds slower than that but it was a good day for it so maybe I should’ve known better. I’ve done very few fast races this year, so maybe my ability to judge how I’m going has gone!

“My training has been patchy this summer. I’ve been doing what I can, but it’s not been as consistent as it has been in the past few years.

“You always think you can go a little bit faster, but you never think you can go a lot faster. I always think about taking the odd second off the record, but not larger chunks than that.

“It’s always a case of doing a good ride on a good day, and those two things come together very rarely.”

Although he has now done the two fastest official 10-mile time trial rides in the UK, Hutchinson thinks it could still be easily beaten.  

“I’m sure there’s more to come off that record because I’m a very long way from being the fastest guy in the country,” he said. “If someone like Alex Dowsett for example was to have a good ride on a good day on that course, he would take the record.

“I might be able to go a little quicker, but in reality that’s probably as quick as I’m ever going to go.”

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  • Stuart Kirkham

    I can understand what Robin Thornton is getting at, also I am admirer of Michael Hutchinson. However Mr Ballard is entitled to his views also (If he is who I think he is) a Top Triallist in his own right. I assume Mr Ballard is Mick Ballard who achieved a 19 minute 10 and a 51minute 25 in his forties.

  • Robin Thornton

    In the interests of friendly debate, M Ballard seems, at least as far as I can understand his rather confused comment, to typify the sort of small mindedness that turns so many people off time trialling. A amateur rider achieves something, and immediately finds himself trampled a the rush of people determined to belittle it, and accuse him of dishonesty.

  • M Ballard

    In the interests of friendly debate I would point out to Robin Thornton that during Michael Hutchinsons appearances on TV he was referred to as a “former professional cyclist” which I did query at the time asking if he had retired but did not receive a reply. If you would like to believe that Hutch lost almost all of his training for July then thats up to you.Presumably when he was in France reporting for Cycling Weekly he didnt have a bike with him.

  • Robin Thornton

    Why does M Ballard feel the need to denigrate Hutch’s ride by claiming he’s a ‘full-time’ cyclist, when he isn’t? He clearly works hard to fit training and racing in round his work, like many others. He’s on record saying he lost almost all of July’s training due to work commitments round the Tour and the Olympics which, unless he’s just telling lies, doesn’t sound much like a pro to me. The record was held by Bradley Wiggins before Hutch. I take it M Ballard complained about that too?

  • M Ballard

    A very impressive ride from Hutch but he is all a full time cyclist and as far as I could tell from the result the only one in the field.Now that his time consuming TV appearances are out of the way presumably he will have more time to get ready for the World Time Trial Championship where I understand he is representing Ireland.
    With Wiggins,who has also done a 17 but a longer one,and Cancellara both not riding Im expecting Hutch to deliver a medal!

  • David Chadderton

    Anyone that fast is likely to be banned by USADA, or NASA. Well done Michael.