Simon Yates failed a drugs test at Paris-Nice, which his team says was due to an "administrative error"

Simon Yates has failed a drugs test according to a report in the Daily Mail, with British Cycling confirming that the UCI has notified them of a failed test from a British rider

The Mail reported that the rider is “a road specialist but a former star of the British track team” who failed a test at a race in France last month, later alleging that Yates tested positive at Paris-Nice.

Yates’s team, Orica-GreenEdge, has confirmed the failed test, which it says is for Terbutalin. In a statement, the team said that Yates took the substance to combat asthma, but that due to an “administrative error” by the team doctor, Yates did not have the required Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) to allow him to use the drug.

British Cycling said in a statement: “British Cycling can confirm that it has been notified by the UCI of a potential anti-doping rule violation against a British rider based on an analysis of a sample provided in competition.

“As with any other doping violation charge at this level, those proceedings will be managed independently of British Cycling by the UCI.”

It is another blow for British Cycling in the run up to the Olympics, with technical director Shane Sutton resigning over allegations of sexism and discrimination against para-cyclists.

The governing body has also been asked to investigate whether lottery-funded kit is being sold online for profit – allegations which it denies.

  • Morf

    You know an articles a complete joke when it starts quoting Helen Pidd

  • In the end much ado about nothing, someone working for the drug testers thought they could milk some money out of the Daily Fail and sold them a non-story about a British cyclist whose team had forgotten to apply for a TUE for a drug that actually doesn’t even justify a ban.

  • Chumply Chummunderson

    News that is going to ruin this Sunday’s club ride; our Conspiracy Theorists will be in raptures again. I think I’m going have to cry this one off, shame though, as I was going to wear the British Cycling kit I’d bought cheaply off that on the line auction site.

  • Tom Sharp

    as someone who is actually asthmatic and races, that’s a horrible idea and could result in actual deaths.

  • Eden Walker

    doping is doping, OGE aren’t a new team, the medical staff have experience and if it’s regular meds then the TUE should be easily applied for. If it’s legit usage then the doctor and the admin team need sacking for being crap at their job.

  • bigglesp

    time to treat asthma for top cyclists as a hand your dealt with and ban any treatment in any way linked with Performance Improvement – the amount of inhalers in amateur races is amazing

  • Rupert the Super Bear

    See what I mean about the Daily Mail? They’re on our case…..

  • There is an explanation on the OGE website. Asthma inhaler used and TUE not submitted by the team. Perhaps less of a story than many will like to imagine. Facts before headlines!!

  • Edvid

    According to OGE, Yates’s +ve was the result of a TUE admin cock-up – substance in question is Terbutaline.

  • Diane Stallwood

    Saddened that an individual believes they have to dope but protocols need to take place and publishing the potential name does not help.

  • James

    What sucky news. If you want to believe a british rider, it would be Simon Yates or his brother.
    Lets not forget Orica in this, just pointing out facts:

    The doctor is Manuel Rodriguez. was with Quickstep, ONCE and Mapei.
    Riders like Plaza, Txurruka and Impey and not forgetting the staff, Matt White, Neil Stephens,
    Lorenzo Lapage etc

    What happens now?

  • How is this a blow to ‘British Cycling’?

    Is it a blow because simple-minded journalism will attempt to make connections between a British rider who rides for an Australian team and the body that runs British Cycling in international competitions. I understand the Daily Fail making this connection, but Cycling Weekly?

    This story is bad enough all on it’s own if it’s true. But Simon Yates is a professional rider who rides for Orica Greenedge. Best not to get two stories muddled up.

    Or does over-sensationalising this story help with clicks?