Cycling fans were left frustrated today after a series of problems left them without tickets for the Olympic road races and time trials.

London 2012 organiser LOCOG put tickets for Box Hill (road race) and Hampton Court (time trial) on sale at 11am this morning (Tuesday), but many fans were shut out.

LOCOG have previously claimed their ticketing website can cope with 250,000 transactions per hour.

CW tried to get tickets for all the events, but like our many of our readers, we suffered problems and were initially unable to purchase any.

Applicants found themselves in a 15-minute queue immediately after the tickets went on sale. Furthemore, those lucky enough to get through to the payment screen were then told they had been unsuccessful, even after entering their card details (see picture below).

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LOCOG’s ticketing phone line was also a source of frustation. CW admittedly got through to an agent, but this was after 14 aborted calls.

A few lucky enthusiasts who got in touch via CW‘s Twitter feed reported success around 11.30, some 30 minutes after the tickets went on sale.

Here is a selection of comments we have received this morning:

Ivor H “nope, got five crashes since 11am then said no tickets.”

Craig Bowdery “on 3rd attempt,got 3 tickets for the Mens trying my luck for some TT tickets – keep trying(but only once i’v got mine)”

Sarah Connolly “It’s the fact you can get so far on the phoneline, & then it just disconnects!”

Robbie Toothill “attempt 6, got to the payment stage twice.Still no joy.Good job the Grand Tours aren’t run like this”

Herbie Green “I’ve tried so many times now – at first it failed each time at payment after ‘reserving’, now it say ‘tickets not available’!”

Ryan Murray “Got on after 20 mins, tickets in basket, ordered the wrong amount, went to change it and it threw me back to start!”

Ed Staite “now on 6th attempt. Twice been bounced out of payment page. Phoneline also bouncing” out.

Newlife Paint “Got two for Box Hill – Yay! Am now pushing my luck for the TT – fingers crossed!!”

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  • Andrew Knights

    30 minute walk up hill to watch for free at corner of Boxhill Road and Headley Common Road, watch 9 laps, walk back down to pub/B & B to watch finale. Both men and women’s races.

  • Rob Weeber

    I’ve calmed down a bit since yesterday and have Plan B in place. Think i’m gonna head for Richmond Park. i know you don’t get to see them 9 times, but at least you get to see them on the way out and on the way back 🙂 and it’s FREE 🙂

  • Mark

    Looking forward to watching the race and the 9 laps from Headley Common Road for free….

  • John and Diana

    What a shambles.We have a hotel booked for 30 people which we booked 2 years ago.We have jumped so many hurdles to be at Box Hill,roads closing at 4am !!!!!!!!!!!!! then being told we have to pay, then the wait to see when to pay, and how much.
    Finally the debarkle yesterday.I was on the website just before 11 am and like lots of people after 15 mins or so was told we have tickets and to proceed to payment oh joy, then low and behold the failed payment message came up.I tried again and again with no success
    .Where did those 15,000 tickets go in 20 minutes,it’s a scam.We think that the most of the tickets were pre allocated
    Our crowd of 30 we only able to get 6 tickets,4 for the mens and 2 for the ladies road race.
    We are now trying Plan B.
    Just one question.Why is this enormous event going up Box Hill ,which although is very pretty, there are limited places for viewing and parking,it beggers belief .surely there were other climbs they could have used.What about Richmond Park or even the Chilterns ?

  • Joe

    I had the same problem as you guys, i continued reloading the page until i got through, i think the tickets only went on sale at 11:30 as i got through (after starting at 10:59) at 11:30 and managed to get 4 at the zigzag road for the mens RR.

  • Barry

    Alike many others, I was in there at 11am and got to the point of paying, twice through, to no success. Shambles.
    Also not helped by the fact that when the ‘human’ character recognition page came up, one of the characters had the German punctuation of an umlaut!!! Ü/ü Oh come on, what a disgrace.

    Anyway, went back on again at 4pm in the afternoon, and although all mens had gone, and women’s at the top of the hill were not going through, I ended up getting 2 tickets for the womens race at the zig zag. Hardly happy about receiving them though, had wished to be excited by the whole thing. Hardly.

  • carter

    Logged in to buy tickets at 04.38 and got 2 for Box Hill for the women’s event @ Dormouse Drive!

  • laura

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  • Karl

    As I’m travelling in the US at the moment, I stayed up until 3am to secure tickets, got the confirmation straight away but failed after entering credit card details just like above. Fiddled around non-stop until 4.30am and then got tickets to the womens race once the mens race was sold out already:(
    Also checked the official US site but they didn’t even offer them in the first place.

  • Laura

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  • Big Tony

    What a disappointment, I’m sure our athletes will perform better than our ticketing system….. well fed up

  • arronski

    Got 3 tickets for Boxhill zig-zag, 15 minute wait and 2 minute timer to put in card details..which gave me a bit of panic, but all good !
    Don’t agree with paying for road race, but it’s the Olympics and had to be done, £10per person for 9 laps of cycling bliss is well worth it… hopefully Cav wins on the mall.

    Campervaning at Boxhill Expo for the weekend so beer o’clock !

  • borderfox

    amazing all these people rushing to buy tickets to stand on the side of a public road, may I suggest that they are all “jump on the band wagon” fans as any real cyclist is as tight as a ducks arse proven by the fact that they ride an extra 10 miles into a head wind just to get a cup of tea 10p cheaper, at least I will get to see Cav win whilst I sit on MY couch for FREE

  • ed

    my problem is having tickets in your basket then getting to payment and then being told there are no tickets left ticketmaster system however is always like this unfortunately, anyway anyone know if you will be able to stand out on course for the TT or are locog going to charge for this as well.

  • Spanish-Pirate

    Didn’t get any for the mens road race but picked up 4 for the womens road race at box hill. Have 2 spare ones

  • teddy

    agree with neil -this is a rip off – i decided not to buy tickets on principle

  • Paul

    Applied for Box Hill tickets precisely at 11 and after a 3 minute wait was delighted to find I was successful (or so I thought). But on entering credit card details I got the “No tickets reserved” screen. I repeated the process and this time, after 15 minutes, was successful again (not). After repeating the process 3 times more I gave up. Two work colleagues had exactly the same experience.
    To be honest, based on LOCOG’s performance on ticket sales thus far I was expecting a farce – and so it proved.

  • Alan B

    Like everyone else, I went from euphoria at about 11.04 when I got through and had reserved 4 tickets for Donkey Green, to panic at 11.06 when I got the dreaded payment failed message, to fingers crossed while I waited for 15 minutes in the queue, reserved them again, entered payment details, again, crossed everything…………………………………….Confirmed!!!

    The ticketing system is pants, but I can’t wait now.

    C’mon Cav!!!

  • Paul Rattew

    I tried at 11, got through to putting in the payment details and, like many other commenters, got rejected. Second attempt sailed through though (about 11:20), so I now have 4 tickets for the road race. Feel slightly agrieved at having to pay to watch at Box Hill, but I am hoping that the concentration of fans and the location will make it worthwhile. I couldn’t quite manage to convince my girlfriend that it was worthwhile standing by the side of the road having not paid and only seeing the peleton blur passed us once…

  • Ian

    Got my tickets on 2nd attempt around 11.30am with no real hassle. Happy Days.

  • Two Pork Pies

    I got through to the payment screen then the site failed. Very frustrating – particularly having already missed out on all of the other cycling tickets I applied for. It’s a farce. No doubt they’ll still claim it as a massive success but in fact it has been a huge frustrating disappointment for most.

    If my bike was as unreliable I’d get rid.

  • neil

    Anyone who pays to stand by the side of the road to watch the bunch pass is, frankly, condemning others to being ripped off in a similar way. You all seem so excited about parting with your cash; I suspect that none of you have considered the implications for spectators at future events.

  • Ben O

    I actually booked an hour in my diary and locked myself in a room with 2 computers to get tickets for the TT! both logged on at 10.59 waiting for me to purchase….. put in my details… 15 minute queue…. ticket issuing error on the website… I tried 4 times on each computer but the same issue each time… until I got the message there were none available.

    Bitterly disappointed and to hear people then got tickets at 13.30! that just rubs it in….. I was so excited this morning:-(

    Really annoyed not to get tickets, I probably had a better chance of tickets by going to work for BA/ Cadbury or someone anyway!

    I’m sure people will find some way of watching it., still it’s sad that the real cycling fans probably didn’t even have a chance of getting tickets for the event 🙁

  • john

    Started trying at 11:00. Got kicked out at several different stages of the process, several times. Finally got a pair at about 13:30, despite earlier suggestions on the site that they were sold out, so keep trying, folks… My mate dave really owes me a pint!

  • Will

    Got tickets on third attempt having been frozen out a few times. It’ll be a shame if others have lost out because the site didn’t recognise their bookings straight away.

  • Pete Cheshire

    Had payment details in by 11:04 then it failed. Happened 3 more times after that. I am am now TOTALLY switched off the Olympics and will not be going to any event and will ensure that the Olympic organisers get not a penny from me in any shape of form. What a shambles.

  • Stuart

    Same experience here – 2 of us got through to the successful ticket screen a total of 5 times – but the server then gave us an error code each time. An hour later we finally got tickets for Sunday, but Saturday was what we really wanted and what we queued up for 🙁

  • Lynn

    Logged on at 11:00 – straight through to payment screen and then…..”computer says no!”
    Tried again and again and again to no avail.
    We so wanted to attend with my Dad as part of his 80th birthday celebrations……………..would anyone with a spare ticket like to adopt my dad for the day? Happy to drop off and collect.
    If I didnt laugh I’d cry 🙁

  • IanL

    Similar experience to others. I was delighted to be told I had successfully reserved tickets and made it to the payment page by 11:04 and was then told the transaction couldn’t be completed. Was then sent back to the start only to find all tickets gone by the second attempt. Really disappointing.

  • Nick Sherwood

    In at 11 sharp. 4 tickets straight in the basket. Got as far as confirming my credit card to get the same error as above. Tried 2 more times with 15 minute waits before giving up… only to find people getting tickets after 11:30. I have tried to get tickets at every stage and failed. i dont mind not having tickets but the whole system simply isnt fair. Still i’m sue all the guests of BA, Cadbury, Visa, Coca Cola Etc will have a lovely time…

    Bitter? You bet…

  • Owen

    Went on at 11am and was in a 3 minute queue got to the payment stage and then kicked out after entering card details. Tried again and was in 15 minute queue but this time got 3 for men’s race at Donkey Green and 3 for TT’s at Hampton Court. I got very lucky from what other friends are saying but the system clearly isn’t up to scratch.

  • Stuart

    I had the same joyful experience – 11am, failed attempt. 15 minute queue – failed, 15 minute queue – failed. Then sold out on 3rd attempt.
    What an absolute farce.

  • Paul

    Thats exactly what happened to me, and I was trying to buy within seconds of it turning 11 o clock.
    I eventually managed to get 2 tickets for Sundays womens race in the Donkey Green area at the top of Box Hill. But the whole thing has been shambles from start to finish.
    I personally dont see how they will keep the true fans away and if you are a hardcore cycling fan just get down there (not by car) and you’ll get a view somewhere if you’re persistent enough.
    I live within 10 mins of the MTB course and ride over there often – yet had zero chance of getting a ticket to see it.

  • Rob Weeber

    Extremely disappointed 🙁 logged on at precisely 11am this morning. was told i had about 6 minutes to wait. Fair enough! . Got right through to entering my Credit card security number and then proceed only to be told i wasn’t successful!!

  • Nick

    Three failed attempts despite getting in early. Absolutely gutted as we’ve had a campsite booked since last year. Completely shoddy way to do things — LOCOG should be ashamed. #OlympicsLetdown

  • Ian

    Like many on the forums today, I was up early with multiple tabs to get my tickets for the one Olympic event I’ve been desperate to secure tickets for. First was met with a one minute wait and guess I was one of the first through – to be frustratingly denied on submitting my payment. Then tried again and after a three minute wait was once more denied in payment. This then stuck me to the back of a 15 minute queue which I tried on a couple of occasions before the tickets sold out. Pathetic doesn’t do it justice – if the volumes of traffic were such that you couldn’t reserve tickets then fair enough – but to get them allocated and then to be chucked out at a presumable bottle neck in payment seems bizarre (and I know that people on the system later than myself go them – that’s what stings). After the complaints around the main sale debacle the Olympic ticketing organisers have hardly covered themselves in glory once more. Absolutely gutted to miss out on a prime viewing slot at Donkey Green.

  • Dave

    I tried to get tickets at 11:01 am and sit crashed. Then tried again 11:35 and all sold! Thank you ticket organisers again for a superbly rubbish experience

  • Sean

    I was on the ticketing site at 11am and after 1 time-out attempt at the payment screen, I finally secured them at 11:16. Very pleased.
    The issue is that this like so many Olympic events are so popular. It’s a victim of its success. I’m not excusing the ticketing website, that could better cope with demand, but the tickets were always going to sell out fast. So let’s not be too down on it all… the Olympics are going to be a big event for the UK. Go Cavendish!